Modern Green Home Design Creating Intimacy and Harmony with Nature

A great coordination of greeneries and living area is presented by this house that utilizes green home design in its house plan. By using the calming effect of plush vegetation, this house wants to create an inextricable connection between its occupants with its house design. Terre Pte Ltd. is the architectural company that develops this house with yellowish stone walls to be combined with the green color of the vegetation.

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Cantilevered glass roof that is mounted on those stone walls adorn the house facade. You can see that cantilevered roof with black steel frame directly from the main entrance of the house that incorporates greyish stone paving. You can enjoy a great connection between the trees and the house through their shade that is beautifully fallen on the unique house exterior with its stone walls, glass roof, and also stone pavement. All of those characteristics show amazing green home design ideas that are applied in this magnificent house.

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High concrete fences surround the house with its total privacy. The brilliant designers of the house make use of those fences by utilizing them as a media for vegetation to grow. So the house becomes surrounded by lush vegetation. To exploit that feature, this modern house employs a lot of big windows that stand from the floor up to the ceiling. Those big windows get its delicate accent by the application of wooden frames. Those wooden framed windows enhance the harmonious view of the house and the nature.

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To strengthen the connection with nature, the house employs so many opening that can let the fresh air to circulate inside the house. An inside terrace with an open wall is also employed to let the nature touch the interior. You can enjoy the relaxing nuance that the nature offers in this terrace with in a comfortable patio set. Although you can’t get green landscape design pictures home ideas from this beautiful residence, but this house surely still has a strong connection with the nature.

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