Neoteric Emphasis Interior Design of a Modern Studio Stunning Artworks

This modern studio is a great masterpiece of KatarzynaKraszewska that gives emphasis interior design in neoteric concept. Let’s begin from this peaceful sitting room; white scene has a dominant influence upon the black accent. Geometric pattern of the under table floor intrudes the fine lining setting of this space. It gets the shade of black core from a graceful arch lamp and the other dark decors. Submerged lamps give a perfect shining line bordering the white ceiling and the wall.

The more private sitting room lets an L-shaped sofa receives the tender light from a dramatic pendant lamp. The homely black and white scheme becomes the emphasis in interior design of this multifunctional area. Stepping up to the next floor, a futuristic pendant lamps show a staged demeanor of silvery floating bubbles. In-wall bookshelves unite greets majestically by a stylish couch in vibrant yellow. The vivid color catches the eyes attention since it accentuates a remarkable appearance in this interior.

A warm study room has an old-fashioned table lamp to illuminate the lukewarm light. Zebra skin carpet under the feet is a brilliant hub to spread the black and white scheme in this room interior. The blind drapery seems to hide the black intervention with the snowy manner. Thus the white predominantly settles this room scene. The sunken lighting style still enhances the room brightness.

Kitchen area crowns the white to become the king. Only the dark windows donate the black to reduce the bright occupation. It is kind of excellence to set the kitchen unit aligning with the wall while the center grants the space for modest dining furniture. To see the black accent, back off a little step, then a black-white painting theme will exhibit the emphasis used in interior design of this dining and cooking area.

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