Opulent Multi Level House Designs in a Warmish and Trendy Lumber Form

Andrew Stuben has impressively formed opulent multi level house designs for a modern dwelling in Russia. The development of chic lumber form apparently becomes a life sustaining principle for this residence, of course along with some additional material implementation. The warm lumber produces a very homey and elegant milieu within the house through some elements for instance lumber ceilings, lumber floors, and lumber panels. Both exterior and interior were well-developed in a very mature and authentic form.

The design for the social area was integrated without any partition, and the mixture of warm lumber floors and glossy marble tiles is so lively and flawless. This modern and modest concept amazingly presents the very best side of this multi level house plans. Specifically for those ceilings and panels which emerges completely firm and neat. The minimalist living room has lumber floor, along with charming white sofas and glass coffee table. Near of it, the dinning room and the kitchen emerge very futuristic with marble tiles, wooden dinning table and blonde wooden cabinets.

Moreover, the very sturdy lumber staircase escorts to the upper floor which has a very enchanting decoration. Glass becomes more dominant here through the presence of some sturdy glass facades, large glass doors, and windows as well. Then white painted walls also enhance the tranquil and homey feeling throughout the part. The home owner will get a very best comfy living experience.

In conclusion, the whole design along with each part including color, material, pattern and shape undoubtedly demonstrates a very precise and well-ordered concept. Thus, since this dwelling could show one of the best side of multi level home plans through the mature fusion of all element, the design will be very inspiring and captivating as a reference which apparently will give more authentic idea and innovation for contemporary decoration and lumber material enthusiasts.

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