Pleasant Workspace Design to Create Comfortable Office Space at Home

In this modern era, having comfortable workspace design will be so useful. This is because to work fast in effective time is what people need now. To work in cozy space will also boost our mood so that our work becomes better. Nowadays, many people have their own office inside the house. Besides considered as its easy access, we can also work comfortably in our personal place. In this chance, we will deliver some ideas to design your own office that can be made inside the house.

Portico Design created an attractive work room decorated by the image printing design. This image is stuck into the wall that creates a strong feature for the whole room. You can print your favorite stuff or hobbies. If you like photography, you can print out the lens or part of the camera. That will be so stylish. Then, place the desk on the room’s side. To complete the workspace design ideas, cabinet or shelves can also be arranged as necessary.

Workspace is not always located in particular room. This can also be designed under the stairs! Elle Decor made a workspace under the curvy ceiling of a stair. This space has windows facing the house courtyard. So inspiring, isn’t it? The monochrome layout is another design inspiration. The grey colors will make a vintage office by using the concrete wall decorations. When vivid colors become your choice, you can try to combine the contemporary furniture inside the neutral room. Some color accents will make the design appealing.

Hanging or pendant lamp is great room accessories that you can utilize. This lamp will give enough light for your work room. So, you have to put it wisely in the proper place. For example is by putting above your main desk. You can also place it near the bookshelf to give enough light as you read the book. These home workspace design ideas can also be decorated by using some photo frames to fill in the empty wall.

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