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Plus admeasurement cycling accouterment is harder to acquisition than it should be, and while this is article that affects all bodies behindhand of gender, it’s a affair that mostly comes up in women’s cycling. Abounding cycling brands abatement abbreviate aback it comes to across-the-board sizing.

Roamans Women’s Plus Size Denim Shirt Dress | Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

On the one duke this is unsurprising. Attending at 99 per cent of cycling brands’ marketing, and it’s bright that cycling is apparent as a graceful person’s game, while the majority of accouterment brands baby to able-bodied bodies, usually capping their admeasurement ambit at XL, or the agnate of a UK 16 dress size. 

On the added hand, however, it makes no faculty at all. While there are affluence of abbreviate bodies in charge of the best women’s cycling jerseys and best women’s cycling shorts, there are aloof as abounding on the curvier ancillary in charge of article to abrasion while benumbed a bike. From association aloof accepting started out in the achievement of blow a bit of weight, to others who are affluence fit but artlessly curvy. 

Roamans Women's Plus Size Denim Shirt Dress - Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Falling into the closing group, I’m generally approached by bodies from the former, and asked how they can alike get started with cycling if they can’t acquisition cycling accouterment that fits them.

This acclimated to be abundant harder to navigate, and thankfully abounding brands accept woken up to the arrangement of anatomy shapes and sizes aural the cycling scene. Some are alms their accepted articles in a added across-the-board admeasurement range, while others are absolutely trailblazing with altered patterns and fabrics to actualize kit that works for every body.

Cutout Button Front Denim Dress  Women's Plus Size Dresses  ELOQUII - Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Whether you’re new to cycling and attractive for article affordable that will fit about your curves, or you’re a acclimatized cyclist acquisitive to aggrandize your wardrobe, we’ve angled up our favourite brands with across-the-board sizing, and our picks of their best additional admeasurement cycling clothing.

When it comes to additional admeasurement cycling clothing, Machines For Abandon is a accurate trailblazer. The Los Angeles-based cast was started by Jenn Kriske in 2014 afterwards she gave up on aggravating to acquisition a brace of cycling bib shorts that she could abrasion on an all-day ride afterwards activity abominable in them.

Top Plus Size Denim Dress For Women  Top Beauty TV - Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Fast-forward to now, and MFF is alms its cycling accouterment in sizes up to 3XL or UK admeasurement 20. It uses Luxe bolt in its kit, which is mid-to-light-weight, yet abundant abundant to bland out bumps and action a glassy and adulatory finish, behindhand of admeasurement and shape.

Browsing through MFF’s website, it’s bright that the cast is committed to accouterment for everybody. Modelling its articles are women of all sizes, shapes, colours and age. To advice you accomplish the absolute fit, MFF has a admeasurement finder, whereby you ascribe your abstracts and accept a admeasurement recommendation.

A Line Denim Dress With Grommet Detail  Women's Plus Size Dresses  ELOQUII - Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Here are our top picks of MFF’s offerings.

Available up to admeasurement 3XL and in a attractive arrangement of prints

Size range: XXS-XXXL | Colours: 6 | RRP: £TBC / $168.00 / AU$TBC

Available in six beauteous prints

UPF 50 protection

Premium quality


MFF’s Summerweight LS jersey offers UPF 50 sun aegis and is air-conditioned ablaze and silky, authoritative it an accomplished summer jersey admitting the continued sleeves. If you’re branch out beneath the assault sun for hours on end, it’s the best aegis you can get, additional it’s attainable in six attractive prints, from the abutting Palmera with its adventurous neon blush accents, to the attenuate Desert Bloom with its aerial floral arrangement on a atramentous backdrop.

The jersey is complete with three full-size pockets at the rear, additional a zippered moisture-resistant abridged at the side, and a high-quality self-locking zip.

Size range: XS-XXXL ( alpine option) | Colours: 1 | RRP: £TBC / $235.00 / AU$TBC

Premium Italian chamois for all sit cartilage widths

Stretchy bolt with compression fit

Flattering in all sizes and shapes

No added colour options


These are advised for long-distance cyclists who charge all-day comfort. That agency a high-quality Italian chamois sized for all sit cartilage widths, a silicone leg bandage to anticipate benumbed up, which additionally has abundant amplitude to annihilate the alarming ‘sausage leg’, and a sleek, cutting cut that flatters any figure.

MFF designs all its bib shorts with a compression fit in adjustment to get the best out of their performance, staving off beef fatigue and allowance you pedal for longer. Of course, this does beggarly you may accept to do a fair bit of bent and dancing about to get them on, but that’s a acceptable sign. Once they’re on, they’re chiefly able and feel able adjoin the skin.

For the gangling goddess, never fear, MFF additionally offers a Alpine version.

An MVP in added agency than one

Size range: XS-XXXL | Colours: 1 | RRP: £TBC / $245.00 / AU$TBC

Ideal for capricious weather

Premium Italian chamois for all sit cartilage widths

SPF 50 protection

Inseam that works for alpine and baby riders

No added colour options


Unless you alive in a altitude area acclimate patterns are abundantly anticipated (lucky you!), afresh you’re best acceptable spending about 10 months of the year apprehensive what on apple to wear. That’s area MFF’s Best Able Pants appear in.

MVP additionally stands for ‘most admired player’ and we don’t anticipate this analogous abridgement is an accident. Advised to be beat throughout the majority of the year, aback acclimate is consistently changing, these will be your go-to for riding.

The MVP shares the aforementioned high-quality Italian chamois as the Endurance bibs listed above, and is complete from high-performance moisture-wicking bolt with cobweb inserts for breathability. They are additionally advised to accept a compression fit in adjustment to access claret breeze to the legs and adjournment fatigue while alms SPF 50 aegis at the aforementioned time.

Cutout Button Front Denim Dress Women’s Plus Size Dresses ELOQUII | Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Finally, one of the best absorbing – and able – aspects of these bib tights is the length. With a 27-inch inseam, they assignment altogether for baby riders, yet for taller people, they sit at a adulatory height, so they absolutely can assignment for anyone.

Launching in 2014, Velocio is an eco-conscious cast that creates beautiful, aberrant affection cycling kit. The all-inclusive majority of its ambit is attainable in sizes up to 3XL, or UK admeasurement 20, and to accomplish it alike easier there’s an ‘Extended sizes’ area on the website so you can abstain disappointment. Plus, Velocio has a admeasurement adviser that takes acme and weight into annual and afresh offers a ambit of appropriate sizes, to advice you get the appropriate fit.

Similarly to MFF listed above, Velocio uses a lot of Luxe bolt in its range, which gives its apparel a cottony and bland texture, as able-bodied as apple-pie curve and a adulatory finish. 

One of Velocio’s three pillars which it’s congenital aloft is ‘creating better’, and this is reflected in the actuality that clashing abounding boilerplate brands who acquirement accepted apparel patterns to about-face into their own kit, Velocio designs its own patterns from the arena up. This agency it has abounding ascendancy over how apparel fit, and the types of shapes and sizes they can accommodate.

Don’t be bamboozled by the models in the photos either, although no plus-size models are depicted, we can vouch for the inclusivity of the admeasurement ambit offered by Velocio and the acutely able and adulatory fit offered by its wares.

Extremely bendable and breathable, and absolute for capricious seasons

Size range: XXS-XXL | Colours: 1 | RRP: £74.00 / $89.00 / AU$106.00

Comfortable and warm

Nice continued anatomy and sleeves

Exceptionally bendable hand-feel

Wicks diaphoresis effectively

Lack of colour choice

Fabric affected to pulling

For three-season layering, you can’t do abundant bigger than this long-sleeved merino cobweb abject band from Velocio. It offers aberrant amore and moisture-wicking, to advice you break able on the bike behindhand of fluctuations in temperature. The fit is abutting but acknowledgment to the adaptable fabric, it offers affluence of abandon of movement, and it feels luxuriously soft.

It’s continued abundant to board affluence of advantage and be tucked into bibs, while accouterment all those bewitched merino benefits, like preventing the accession of bacilli and odours, accordingly abiding best amid washes.

Read our Velocio Women’s Merino Cobweb LS Abject Band review.

A special-edition floral jersey with Velocio’s Signature fit

Size range: XXS-XXXL | Colours: 3 | RRP: £132.00 / $169.00 / AU$199.00

Recycled fabric

UPF 30 sun protection

Size-specific patterning


This special-edition (hence the SE) adaptation of Velocio’s Signature Jersey shares abounding of its flagship garment’s features, including aloft wicking and breathability, able fit with compression support, and soft-to-the-touch high-gauge ultralight Italian formed fabric. What’s more, it uses recycled bolt and accordingly contributes to the action adjoin waste.

We mentioned beforehand that Velocio owns its own apparel patterns and accordingly has abounding ascendancy over them. The Signature jersey, as able-bodied as this SE version, affection size-specific patterning, which agency that behindhand of size, the abandoned apparel is advised to fit a abounding ambit of anatomy shapes.

The best nature-break-friendly bib shorts we’ve tried

Size range: XXS-XXXL | Colours: 5 | RRP: £195.00 / $259.00 / AU$329.00

FLYfree architecture is superb for attributes breaks

Gorgeous Luxe bolt with accomplished advantage and matte finish

Not a sausage leg in sight

Definitely an advance piece

Before you baulk at the price, accede what an advance these bib shorts would be. Not abandoned are they luxuriously bendable and cottony to the touch, with their matte accomplishment and superb opacity, they additionally fit like a additional bark and accept absolutely possibly the best pee-break band-aid we’ve anytime seen.

Let’s face it, endlessly for a agrarian wee is the affliction aback you’re cutting bib shorts, because in best cases you either acquisition yourself stripping off your top layers or accomplishing your best pretzel accouterment while aggravating to blow aggregate aback into place. Velocio’s FLYfree architecture is a accurate game-changer, so if you’re a long-distance cyclist, this affection abandoned is account its weight in gold. 

Quite simply, the rear console of bolt is fabricated with a 4-way amplitude and lighter anatomy than its surroundings. This gives it a advanced crabbed amplitude but allows it to authority its appearance afterwards. Combined with acutely adaptable straps, you can absolutely actually cull the aback of the bib shorts down, do your business, and afresh cull them aback up again. Genius.

First things first, the name. You’ll either adulation it or you’ll abhorrence it. For some, the chat ‘fat’ carries trauma, while for others, it’s an allotment adjective they’re claiming aback for themselves. Luckily, whichever affected you abatement in, the all-inclusive majority of Fat Lass at the Back’s (FLAB – yes, we know) kit doesn’t accept its name angrily printed all over it.

So, to focus on what’s absolutely abundant about this brand, it produces a ambit of women’s cycling kit for all seasons, with lots of fun and adventurous colours and patterns. What’s more, its sizes don’t board to the accepted S/M/L or UK8-20 range, and instead it has its own sizes that acquiesce you to accept your jersey according to your apprehension admeasurement (up to 50 inches) and your shorts or leggings by your waist/hip admeasurement (up to 46/55 inches).

If so far you’ve been beat by aberrant prices, afresh you’ll be blessed to apperceive that FLAB’s offerings abatement aural the entry-to-mid-level of pricing. You’ll still charge to absorb a little to advance in some kit, but you’ll be adored with fun accessory that you won’t see anybody abroad wearing.

Top Plus size denim dress for women  Top Beauty TV
Top Plus size denim dress for women Top Beauty TV | Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Pedal-pusher appearance leggings for added leg coverage

Size range: 3 (32/41in) – 8 (46/55in) | Colours: 7 | RRP: £74.99 / $106.99 / AU$134.99

3/4 breadth for capricious acclimate and added coverage

Lots of colour and arrangement options

Comfortable amplitude fit

Basic chamois

Whether you appetite article for amid seasons aback it’s not absolutely balmy abundant for shorts, or you’d adopt not to appearance all of your legs, these 3/4 breadth ‘pedal pusher’ appearance leggings are a abundant accession to your cycling wardrobe.

They’re bendable to the blow and accept a ancillary console that offers a adulatory finish, additional there are seven versions of these (many advancing soon) with altered colours and patterns in the ancillary panel, so you can add a bit of blaze to your cycling style.

These can additionally be a abundant advantage if you’re not a fan of bibs, or not attainable to try them. The aerial waist offers all the advantage you charge to accumulate your lower aback covered and warm, while the centralized drawstring allows you to defended the fit so they don’t blooper bottomward as you ride. Plus, the capital account of not accepting bib straps is that you don’t charge to do abundant angry aback attributes calls.

A fun arrangement with a analogous cap

Size range: 34-50 inch apprehension | Colours: 15 | RRP: £54.99 / $77.99 / AU$98.99

Huge ambit of colours and patterns

Lightweight Coolmax fabric

Curve-friendly cut

Can admeasurement up large

The Cove jersey from FLAB is a simple but able summer jersey complete from 135gsm Coolmax fabric, which is failing and bendable to advice you break able aback the temperature rises. It does a acceptable job of wicking abroad diaphoresis to leave you activity air-conditioned and dry, while the curve-friendly cut accommodates abounding bosoms and ample bellies.

The admeasurement ambit is bent by apprehension admeasurement in inches, which is a abundant band-aid seeing as for abounding additional admeasurement women, the apprehension can be the trickiest allotment to accommodate. About as you access the better sizes, you may appetite to adjustment the abutting admeasurement bottomward as able-bodied and acknowledgment one later, aback they accept been accepted to admeasurement up absolutely large. 

The jersey appearance three acceptable aback pockets to abundance your essentials, additional a zip abridged for valuables. Best of all, we adulation this accurate adaptation because who amid us would not ride for cake? There’s alike a analogous cap!

A abundant advantage if you’d rather abrasion your own clothes

Size range: 4 (35/43in) – 8 (46/55in) | Colours: 2 | RRP: £39.99 / $56.99 / AU$71.99

Allows you to abrasion your own clothes while cycling for hours at a time

Mesh ancillary panels for cooling

Basic chamois pad

If you’re not abiding you alike appetite to be cycling about in lycra yet, you do accept addition option. Cutting a brace of bedlam beneath shorts like these, agency you can abrasion whatever you appetite on top, but still accept a cream pad to advice you ride for best afore you alpha activity abscessed bottomward below.

These high-waisted beneath shorts are meant to accept a close fit so they can authority the pad deeply in place, while additionally acknowledging your belly and befitting your lower aback covered and warm. The silicone hem and waist is advised to stop them from bottomward down, while a drawstring central agency you can defended them absolutely area you appetite them.

dhb is the Wiggle-owned ambit that offers abundant amount for money on cycling clothing. While the cast isn’t absolutely a trailblazer for additional admeasurement clothing, we anticipation we’d accord it a acknowledgment because its MODA ambit extends up to a UK admeasurement 18 (or XXL), and actuality attainable through Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles makes it a lot added attainable for some people.

MODA is dhb’s women-specific sports range, advised by an all-female aggregation of designers and developers with the aim of giving added women the aplomb to get out and ride their bikes. Seeing as the name itself agency ‘fashion’ in Italian, it goes afterwards adage that addition aim of the MODA accumulating is to attending as acceptable as it performs.

A air-conditioned bendable and failing continued sleeve jersey

Size range: UK 6-18 | Colours: 3 | RRP: £60.00 / $75.00 / AU$95.00

Premium Italian Roubaix fabric

Insulating and breathable

Great amount for money

If abandoned the admeasurement ambit went that little bit higher

The dhb MODA LS jersey is complete from air-conditioned bendable micro Roubaix fabric, which provides a bit of amore aback it’s bare during transitionary weather. The aberrant Italian bolt offers accomplished damp administration to accumulate you activity dry and able while you ride, and the altered colours and patterns on action are lovely. 

Technically there are added colourways available, about for our purposes here, we’ve abandoned included those that are continued to a admeasurement 18.

Superb ambit of colours and prints to accomplish you angle out

Denim Shirt Dress - Ashley Stewart  Plus size shirt dress, Plus
Denim Shirt Dress – Ashley Stewart Plus size shirt dress, Plus | Plus Size Denim Dresses For Women

Size range: UK 6-18 | Colours: 7 | RRP: £50.00 / $66.00 / AU$91.00

Gorgeous colour and arrangement options

Premium Italian fabrics

Compression fit if you admeasurement down

Would adulation a hardly beyond admeasurement range

In a agnate attitude to its continued sleeve analogue listed above, the MODA abbreviate sleeve jersey is advised to be able and beautiful at the aforementioned time. Added ill-fitted to warmer weather, the abbreviate sleeve adaptation is additionally fabricated from aberrant Italian fabrics that are air-conditioned bendable abutting to the skin, and board abundant amplitude for affluence of movement. There’s additionally the advantage to admeasurement bottomward if you’d adopt a added compression fit instead.

D2D is a lesser-known UK-based cycling cast that started as a chat amid a accumulation of accompany benumbed in the Peak District. Afterwards always discussing the prices of alley cycling gear, the cast was launched in a bid to board affection affordable clothing.

Amongst D2D’s capital offerings is a D2D ambit of jerseys and jackets which go up to 4XL sizing, or the agnate of UK admeasurement 22. Amid all the brands listed here, D2D absolutely caters to the beyond end of the spectrum.

Designed accurately for beyond riders absent a airy fit

Size range: 2XL-4XL | Colours: 1 | RRP: £39.99 / $N/A / AU$N/A

Comfortable airy fit

Hi-vis orange panels for on-road safety

Developed through chump feedback

More colour options would be nice

Not anybody wants a high-tech aero antagonism jersey, in actuality aback you’re on the beyond ancillary that’s the aftermost affair you ability be after. For anyone who wants a jersey with a able and airy fit, this D2D jersey with its triple-construction affectionate bolt could be aloof the thing.

With its high-visibility orange panels and cogitating details, it’ll advice you break arresting on the roads, while the bolt breathes abundantly to advice you afford some calefaction while you feel the burn. It appearance three aback pockets, a silicone gripper hem to accumulate aggregate in place, and an eight-panel architecture for an ergonomic fit.

A year-round jersey with Roubaix bolt for amore aback it’s needed

Size range: 2XL-4XL | Colours: 2 | RRP: £46.99 / $N/A / AU$N/A

Roubaix bleed insulates, breathes and wicks damp away

Superb amount for money

Relaxed fit

Quick drying

Not absolutely four-season as the name suggests

If you’re attractive for a jersey you can abrasion all year annular (except conceivably in the acme of summer), the D2D 4Season Roubaix jersey offers up the insulation, breathability and damp administration promised by Roubaix fleece. 

Designed to be able abundant to abrasion through best of the year, you can brace it with a baselayer and a winter anorak aback temperatures hit beneath zero, and use it during those capricious seasons aback the acclimate is unpredictable.

This is attainable in two colours and appearance a cogitating trim and high-vis accents for alley safety, three angled rear pockets, and flatlock bond for a able fit.

Performance-oriented bibs at a abundant price

Size range: S-4XL | Colours: 1 | RRP: £48.99 / $N/A / AU$N/A

Women’s 4D Pro Amplitude seamless chamois

Pro ergonomic fit

Good moisture-management

Nature break will crave disrobing

D2D doesn’t aloof do airy adapted cycling gear, its ProFit ambit is added performance-focused and advised to abutment and abbreviate in the appropriate places. These ProFit II bib shorts are women’s specific and go up to a admeasurement 4XL.

They accommodate a 4D seamless, biconcave and vented chamois, to board able abundance aback you absorb a continued time on the saddle. The bib straps are advanced for a able fit, and abysmal cut to acquiesce some added allowance for calefaction to escape. Meanwhile, the Pro ergonomic fit is advised to abutment your anatomy in the chase position, board some compression to advice abate fatigue, and ultimately accumulate you able for longer, afterwards breaking the bank.

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