Reassuring Monochrome Interior Design with Youthful Urban Kitchen

Sergey Baskakov has created the monochrome interior design of an apartment. This black and white nuance gives the neutral nuance besides the ordinary cream tones. Many people like to have this scheme in their home. It is one of the enduring home interiors since long time ago. Many people also choose this theme for accentuating the other light color accents. Actually, this combination of black and white will never look boring if you know how to associate these colors with many decorations.

This apartment that we want to review here has open plan living in small area. It has monochrome living room with combination of rustic and modern. This apartment has white plain ceiling and some side walls. The other black walls and white bricks walls make this living room glorious but also artistic. This bright room reflects the natural light from the glass windows on a side. It will support the energy saving efforts at daytimes.

This living room has white wooden claddings spread out on the floor. There is a stripes rug atop with harmonious ancient chest floor cushions. White sectional sofa and earthy pillows make this living room comfortable and feels homey. Behind the sofa, there is a kitchen and dining area. It has wooden top table and kitchen set with white legs and cabinets. The chalkboard wall with writings makes this kitchen full of youthful, moreover by the placing of transparent stools and bright red fridge.

On the opposite side in front of the living room, there is a bedroom with white wooden sliding doors. This room has grayish animal cartoon wallpaper for balancing the rustic white bricks wall. This room is located on the higher section with elegant wooden floor. It has white leather Italian bed headboard with Scandinavian stand side lamps on both sides. The piles of books on the wooden coffee table and floor give the personal decoration of this monochrome scheme room.

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