Ritzy Interior Design for a Penthouse with Stunning Cut Away Ceilings

Latysheva Maria has beautifully developed a very ritzy and dazzling interior design for a modern trendy penthouse. The ceiling design was formed in a cut away style and it was also appeared as the main attraction of this residence. Those lovely trendy ceilings apparently have a basic function to demonstrate skies of stark indoor within the penthouse. That was very intriguing, wasn’t it? The ceilings also undoubtedly produce very tranquil and spacious atmosphere, as well as sleek and firm outlook.

For color, white emerges as the grand hue and along with presence of some additional bright colors which appears as the hint. For instance for the elegant modern living room, the yellow cushion was added as a hint for the whole white elements within it. The idea clearly could be named as one of the most modish interior design ideas representation. In the modest dinning area, the bright color was also formed as a hint. This time, a light green table cloth was emerges very enchanting for the sturdy white dinning table

The next affecting arrangement was done for the modern spacious bathroom. The design appears very mature and futuristic through the good fusion of lucent glass door, artistic tiles, trendy twin toilets, and of course some green tiles and wallpaper. The milieu within the bathroom feels so neat and refreshing since the white and a little green were arranged very mature and elegant.

In accumulation, this futuristic trendy penthouse undoubtedly expresses a very chic and sleek design through its elements start from those beautiful ceilings until the arrangement of green as the best soul mate for the white theme. For any penthouse and apartment owner who adore modern and white theme, they could make this residence design as their new reference because it undeniably appears as one of the most striking representation of interior design ideas for apartments, hence it undoubtedly will give more innovative idea and inspiration about modern design.

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