Rustic Concrete Home Design in a House with Industrial Style

Using the strong and sturdy characteristics of concrete, this house is applied with concrete home design in creating a unique industrial home design. Igor Sirotov as the designer of this house implements a bold and modern view inside the house. As we can see in the illustration, the house is filled with concrete element that gives its raw color inside the house interior. Concrete ceiling beams has its bold appearance over the top of the house interior. Those ceiling beams support a ceiling that is also made from concrete.

Concrete walls also complete this concrete block home design with its rustic finishing. Smooth texture is what can be felt on those concrete walls, but rustic look is still dominating the view of the wall and the ceiling. All of those concrete elements are mixed with contemporary furniture such as those dining set in the dining area. A wooden dining table with simple black iron frame is used along with unique dining chairs that have a grey cushion and its cloth that is frayed over its back seating.

Besides all of those concrete elements, this two story house also exposes its glass element on its second floor. You can see the view of the big garage in the first floor through the glass floor that also becomes a glass ceiling of that garage. That glass flooring is supported by blocks of ceiling beams incorporated inside the house. Dim light fills the house due to the color of the concrete. Some mounted wall lamps help the windows in providing some lights to illuminate the room.

Big living area has been incorporated by the designer to create an airy room. This spacious feeling is important in this rustic home to create a relaxing atmosphere for the occupants. A light well is placed adjacent to this living area. A massive illumination is provided by this light well to brim the living area, and the dining area. With all of the rustic concrete elements that generate a concrete interior design, this modern house is still able to give an absolute comfort and relaxing nuance.

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