Savory Apartment Interior Design with Masculine and Feminine Styles

When contemplating about having stylish decoration, gender based arrangement and comfy ambiance, two interior designers have perfectly formed enchanting apartment interior design with masculine and feminine arrangement. One apartment which has a very sleek and tranquil masculine outlook was designed by AndreyVolkov, while the second apartment was decorated by Skripkin Elena with a very enchanting and romantic feminine form. The development of color, material, shape, texture, and furniture refers to the gender characteristic.

The masculine dwelling appears modest, neat and modern through some element such as grey coloring, wooden accent and minimalist arrangement. This contemporary apartment has minimalist living room with sturdy grey sofa, dark wooden panels, and rectangular coffee table.

And for the bedroom, the masculine accent was spread through combination of glossy wooden panels, low size bed and monochromatic art painting. Through this masculine style development, the designer successfully demonstrates a very sleek and tranquil boyish side of apartment interior design ideas prototype. Moreover, the second apartment emerges very charming and lovely through its feminine theme. White, red and black were combined into one stirring unity, along with urban art print painting. The ambiance feels so elegant and chic yet still has contemporary vibe.

The living room was beautifully formed in girly yet neat concept and has a very modern accent through the fusion of red velvet sofas, enchanting pendant lamps, beautiful flowery curtains, white tiles floors, and urban printed wallpaper. Furthermore, the stunning bedroom is the next main attraction of this feminine design. White tiles floors, black and white wallpapers, white bed with bright red bed cover, and also gorgeous red curtains are the best element of this room.

To recapitulate, for any body who want to get more gender representation style for their apartment, could choose these impressive modern interior design as the new reference and then mix it with their own creativity, inspiration and passion, thus they chiefly will get a very meaningful and delightful figure for their modern dwelling as well as a tasteful excitement in term of executing apartment decorating ideas for their residence with styles which express their gender in an intimate way.

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