Shining White Ceiling in The Breathtaking Residence at Holmby Hills

House with white ceiling becomes one of popular design used in many of architectural projects. This ceiling can be combined with many kind of interior design and decorative stuff. This also creates a bright accent for the interior. The Brody House uses the same style of the ceiling too. This residence owned by Ellen DeGeneres, the Host of Hollywood Talk Show. She has got the amazing house in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Amazing Residence At Holmby Hills Architecture Design Ideas With Extensive External Glass Wall And Dull Lighting Shade

The house stands on 2.3 acres area. The house originally possess by Frances Lasker Brody. Then, Billy Haines as an interior designer and Garrett Eckbo as an architect renovated this residence. We will take the tour start from its front courtyard. This yard is filled with the green grass and beautiful garden. Plants and greenery are decorated the white wall exterior. Some ceilings have white ceiling beams for example at its front terrace. Flooring of the terrace is decorated with the ceramic tiles or other materials.

Astonishing Residence At Holmby Hills Exterior Design Ideas With Ergonomic White Couces On Wooden Deck Feats Blue Pool

Glass also constructs the house at many parts which are for the wide windows and doors. Black pillars are also built to strengthen the construction. Inside of the house, we will find the inner atrium decorated in open concept. It has one big tree creating shadows for everything under it. This is really relaxing corner for everyone who sits there. The interior is really amazing. It has bright concept bathed in daily sunrays.

Awesome Residence At Holmby Hills Exterior Design Feats Flat Rooftop And Huge Bay Window Along With Steel Pillars Aside

White painted concrete as the building base still dominates the construction. This is also completed with the glass walls in black framed. Furniture in various colors are also placed neatly for each room. We can see the outdoor courtyard through the wide glass construction. The living room has wooden flooring in open room design. Modern fireplace is located at the side of the room. Red accent is also used in this living space. To combine the white painted ceiling beams with the white wall is good choice as used for the terrace there.

Awesome Residence At Holmby Hills Facade Exterior Design Feats Concrete Driveway And Minimalist Garden

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