Simple Contemporary House Design with Transparent Exterior Wall

We are going to take a look at a contemporary house design which is located in Haifa. The house was created by pitsoukedem, an architectural firm which has been trusted operating in Israel. The house itself adopts modern French design. It employs much transparent facade throughout the house, creating a definitive see through which makes the residents feel like living in the nature.

The two story building does not only employ glass materials to replace the exterior wall. It is also employed on the roof, in order to provide much natural light inside the space. Such contemporary house design ideas, however, might only be suitable for those who live away from the equatorial line. Too much sun light would heat your house up. It is good for those who reside in subtropical area. On the contrary, it would create disasters if you live with the sun all year long.

The living room is located in the ground floor. One of its side is utilized as a bookshelf. It is also accompanied with detachable ladder which could assist you in reaching books placed on higher racks. The seating area, however, is placed facing this rack. Whereas, its back part has a beautiful swimming pool scenery. The sofa is equipped with two coffee tables and a comfortable lounge chairs. Above it, we can find a giant paper lantern which provides lighting throughout the entire room.

The backyard, however, is utilized as swimming pool and garden. The outdoor lap pool is quite narrow, but it has been more than enough to accommodate your exercise. Next to it, we can find an outdoor living area. We can also find lounge chairs placed under giant umbrella. The pool is directly connected with the master bedroom through the sliding glass doors. This contemporary house interior design ideas is dominated with wooden accent too.

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