Soothing Modern Home Interior: Design Visualization for Every Room

This time, we are going to take a look at several example of modern home interior as presented by Vladimir Bolotkin. The living room design, for example, is covered by marble tile flooring. It also has an asymmetrical design which follows the land’s form. Extra corner in the room is utilized to place transparent wall so that the residents could enjoy beautiful garden view. On the ceiling we can find a modern hanging lamps resembling the form of tree branch.

A comfortable design can also be found inside the dining room. It also has a luxurious impression as shown by the room decorations. The dining has a long wooden table. It is equipped with simple chairs which could take up to ten persons. Above the table, we can find a hanging lamps which looks like a fan. On top of the table, we can find a complete dining utensils as complemented with crystal glass and beautiful candlesticks decorating the modern home interior design.

Wooden floor would give warmth towards the households. Undoubtedly, it is utilized in the bedroom. It is then combined with comfortable carpet to prevent temperature loss. The bedroom itself has a king sized bed placed on top of a low bed frame. It is placed across the transparent glass window which is covered by transparent curtain. The room is also quite spacious to have a seating area in it. It has a large coffee table with two armchairs.

For a small room design, you can collaborate many functional rooms into one. The entrance, for example can be divided into two; the walking path and the kitchen set. You can also collaborate the dining table as the study desk. Do employ lightweight furniture for your seating area. In terms of lighting, you might want to place wall lamps or ceiling integrated lamps to leave some more spaces for you to move. This modern home interior design ideas would surely be inspiring for everyone.

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