Spacious Modern Rustic House with Leather Sofas and Outdoor Dining

OdedHalaf has designed a modern rustic house in Zahala, Tel Aviv. When the usual modern home has woods or stone walls for accentuating the rustic look, the designer of this house instead uses the furniture decoration for emphasize the austere. It has wide rooms with open plan living and dining areas. It has high ceiling with glass walls installation that maximizes the wide and bright looks inside the house with absolutely the great air circulations.

This house contains of five bedrooms with private bathrooms, entertaining rooms, an office, a wine vault, and even a housemaids suite. The designer accentuates the modern rustic house design in the living room. This room has white walls and ceiling. It has glossy granite tiles floor with similar tone stairs steps with glass baluster on a side of the room. In front of a historical stone fireplace, there is a leather Italian couch with ancient steel frame wooden table facing to the outdoor area that is separated by glass walls.

This floor even has another living room on the other glass wall sides. It has wooden floor with bright white walls and ceiling. There are black leather sectional sofas and wooden long table above the earthy rug a wall mounted television with white desk. Above the same wooden floor, there is a kitchen with white countertop in the middle of the area.

This house has two dining areas. The one is located inside the house with oval wooden table and white chairs around. Blue glass chandelier decorates above the dining space beautifully. The other dining space is situated outside the building. This outdoor dining space has steel furniture with backyard views. There is an outdoor swimming pool with deep blue tone that looks similar with the aquarium inside the house. There is a grass courtyard with sunbathe chairs beside the pool and support the rustic modern interior design with the outdoor area.

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