Spacious Open Plan House: Leaving much Space for Your Activities

We are going to take a look at several inspirational design inside an open plan house. Such design can be suitable for a large house or small one. The thing is, the open plan would highly likely provide more spacious area for the large area. It would also create spacious impression upon a small lot. It can also collaborates several functional room into one. Here are several design inspirations that may be applicable for your needs.

Awesome Living Room Interior Design In All White Color Scheme Feats Extensive Bay Window And Vertical White Shutter

For a medium sized lot, you can take a look at this following design ideas. The building can be made in rectangular form. This would fill the front part of your lot. Meanwhile, the back part of it can be utilized as a beautiful garden which can also contain infinity pool. On the pool side, we can find several seating areas such as armchairs, couch, or lounge chairs. Trees in this open plan house ideas are enlightened by outdoor lamps in the middle of hardwood flooring.

Lovely Formal Dining Room Interior Design On Sustainable Parquet Flooring Plan And Rough Stone Tuscan Wall Accent

When moving inside the main activity room, we can see that the living room, dining room, and kitchen are integrated into one. it is supported by several visible beams. It utilizes wooden flooring with bright wood color. The dining set comprises of long table accompanied with modern designer chairs. Above it, we can find a hanging lamp with hemisphere cup. On one side of the room, there is a wall integrated cabinet serving as bookshelf or decoration racks.

Lovely Living Room Decor Ideas In Open Plan Layout Feats Ergonomic Foamy Grey Sofa And Rectangle Teak Coffee Table

The house is equipped with three bedrooms on the upper floor. Open concept is also adopted on those rooms. The master bedroom adopts white cabinet attached on the wall. There also is a black and white painting on the bed sides. Along the bed’s ceiling we can find ceiling integrated lamps to provide lighting inside the room. This open plan home decorating ideas also combine plain painting with floral pattern for the family room.

Lovely Open Plan Home Interior Design With Natural Bright Lighting And Huge Doorway On Parquet Deck

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