Splendid Country Home Design: Flawless Architecture with Infinity Pool

Located far away from the crowded city, the country home design look a lot more like a holiday villa. This house is located in Villeta, Colombia. It sits on top of a spacious area, allowing Arquitecture en Estudio, the architecture, to play with their creativity and innovation. There are many open spaces inside the house which allows you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the house’s surroundings. This house is also equipped with infinity pool on the backyard.

When we access the backyard, we can see that much of the house’s part is left open. The terrace, for example, is located next to the beautiful swimming pool. It utilizes floor lamp planted under the hardwood flooring. The outdoor terrace is equipped with two lounge chairs facing the mountains. Such set is also accompanied by a love seat and a bath tub. Outdoor dining is also available in this country home design ideas. You are free to enjoy whatever meal you want while waiting for the sun sets.

The house’s exterior is covered by concrete wall. However, several part of it only has a wooden blinds which can be dragged when the residents want to filter the amount of natural light. The blinds would divide the outdoor area with the house’s indoor. The latter, however, consists of a beautiful living room, spacious dining room, and a modern kitchen set. The kitchen furniture is also comprised of wooden materials which emphasizes the natural effect even more.

Natural sensation can also be felt when you enter the house’s bedroom. The house itself manages to have three bedrooms facing the beautiful forests. The master bedroom tries to give a semi-open space for the residents. Meanwhile, the additional bedroom is protected by concrete wall. However, it has a wide wooden doors which can be opened anytime you want. This country style home design ideas is very suitable for tropical area.

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