Splendid Oceanfront House with Elegance and Amazing Interior Design

The result of a great interior design added with an amazing architectural building is displayed by this oceanfront house. This modern house is the outcome of The Rockledge Residence project that was delivered by a joined architectural development by Horst Architects and Aria Design. Located in Laguna Beach, California, this house offers you with a majestic view of the vast open sea.

The residence sweeps the view of the ocean by utilizing so many glazed walls on its building. Like many other oceanfront homes, the occupants can enjoy the wonderful panorama of the sea from the inside of the house through those ample glazed walls. The house also has an open terrace that is filled with some patio sofas and also patio coffee tables. Those patio sets comes in white color to create an elegance look in providing your comfort.

White color scheme also comes inside the house interior design in order to generate a pleasant look of elegance. To complete that concept, the effort of providing cozy seating is maximize by the use of big sofa and also some comfy chairs in a modern furniture design. A column of chimney in a greyish color and concrete texture becomes the main attraction in the living area. A big flat TV is attached on it above a fireplace. This scene makes the room look so advance and luxurious.

Glazed walls are also incorporated in the main bedroom. This is a minimalist bedroom that offers an airy room with wooden floor as its base. The need of privacy has been considered by the impressive designers of this amazing house design by the use of window shutters that can cover the whole glazed walls in this bedroom. This house is a perfect family beach residence in an oceanfront real estate style design with an impressive interior design.

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