Splendid Office Renovation with a Colorful Office Furniture Design

A housing association of Swedish that is known as HSB has done an office renovation that will make its more than 420 employees and the visitors astonished. The office has been renovated by pSArkitektur with the purpose to create a modern office with playful color to spark new ideas. There are sufficient spaces for teams to do their task while it also allows some space for its worker to do solitary works inside this modern building.

Some bright blue modern chairs are provided in this office along with its yellow throwing pillows to serve a total coziness for the workers. Hopefully they will be more productive by using those comfy chairs that is placed on top of an orange carpet. Those chairs are perfect to get relaxed while the workers doing an individual task. Providing enough room for those individual and team work is important consideration in conducting office renovation ideas.

Another illustration gives us with a group meeting room that is embraced in a white wall and enough windows to brighten up the creative minds of the workers. There is one side of the walls that has a decorative floral pattern that surrounds a white screen. The workers can have a meeting on a white sleek table providing four grey chairs surround it.

There is a unique solitary space to do the tasks. It is a unique chair with a cover to give privacy for the person who sits on it. The chair has a white color that is combined with a blue cushion and provided with three through pillows to make sure that the person who uses it gets a comfortable sit. Or maybe get a comfortable nap since this chair is a perfect spot to take a nap. Office renovation design in this building incorporates some new modern furniture to give the worker a comfortable space to make their job done.

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