Striking Interior Lighting Design Collaborating with the Glossy Accent

SVOYA Studio presents striking interior lighting design in every living room of this urban dwelling. The modern illumination concept spreads the charm upon a sleek and silvery surface of hoe accessories. The massive setting grants submerged lamps on the ceiling, which constructs shiny lines on the sitting room. Brilliant light on the air gets the balance from the shade of gray sofa and wooden floor color that diminishes the sharp lambency.

Various shape pendant lamps hang calmly on the white dining furniture. They produce golden glow within the black stylish shades. The inner shades look like hiding gold treasure, which vividly shines in modest jugs. Sunken fitting lamps give the bright white light to help the room becoming brighter in the night. Brilliant radiance makes the hood range of the kitchen exhibiting the glossy steel. Furthermore, this white scene interior grows airier and more spacious under the interior lighting design ideas that pours the white ray.

The hall way has three sides of illumination sources. A long buffet seems to hide a shiny stuff that escapes the light brilliantly under the solid mass. Twin modular table lamp shines the shy light over the dark shades. It is a perfect lamp style to liven up the big city picture on the wall. The long shiny mass illuminates the wooden floor from the height. It divides wall and ceiling with the blinded white light.

Fireflies fly freely on the bathroom and decorate the wall with the beautiful light. It is an excellent modular pendant lamp bringing the resemblance of shining bugs in this neoteric interior. Gentle and golden glow embraces toilet air then floats to the bedsides to accompany into the dreamland in the night. This apartment conveys so much inspiration on modern interior design lighting ideas in various kinds of lamps designs.

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