Stylish Villa Design: a Perfect Choice for Taking Your Entire Family

Located on the sea side, this villa design offers endless joy and luxury. Why choosing small hut when you can afford this luxurious villa? It is located in the Puerto Adriano, between the port and Nautical Club Santa Ponsa. The building offers beautiful design since the visitors could enjoy the natural sensation offered by the sea. Additionally, it is also equipped with open spaces, enabling the residents to indulge themselves under the tropical sun shines.

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Since it struggles to present the residents with beautiful landscape, the building’s exterior wall is replaced with glass panel. It is employed in almost every room inside the building. The villa design plan, however, comprises of two levels of building. It also has a modern infinity pool which directly faces the sea. When swimming, the visitors can not only enjoy the warmth of tropical area, they would also be able to take a look at beautiful reef stands on the coastal area.

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The house has many sitting area, it is located inside the first floor’s living room, the pool side, or even the outdoor area in the upper floor. The semi outdoor area presents room under the roof. However, it is not covered by exterior wall. Therefore, the residents could enjoy the sound of sea breeze when they are occupying this room. It consists of an outdoor living and outdoor dining. The furniture employs wooden materials as combined with comfortable plush.

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The house is quite spacious to contain several bedrooms. It places a low bed frame with plush head board. On the bed side, we can find two end tables utilized to place desk lamp as well as decorations. The bedroom floor utilized wooden panel which would keep the visitor warm inside their private room. Its wall is also replaced by a transparent glass wall, enabling the residents to overlook the calming sea scenery. Glass materials has made the villa design plan modern look even more stunning.

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