Surprising Small Bedroom Furniture Maximizing Space in a Small Area

Sometimes we don’t have any opportunity to create a big and expansive bedroom and ended up with a small bedroom furniture arrangement to create a bigger perspective in a tiny bedroom. The layout of the furniture is important to generate a bigger view in a small space room. A designer Adam Lazarev knew this problem so he came up with some illustrations of using the best furniture layout to maximize a minimum space available in a bedroom.

The first bedroom has a small bedroom furniture layout with brown color scheme. It is due to the implementation of wooden floor. There is a darker brown colored fluffy rug that is placed in the middle of the room in which a king size bed is put on top of it. That is a white bed with brown colored mattress. On each of its beside, there is a bedside table with night lamp on it. A big wardrobe which is fully covered with mirror on its outside makes the room seems to get bigger.

Another illustration comes with a brighter look on its interior design although the wooden floor used has a darker color than the first bedroom. What really makes it different with the first bedroom is the white bed cover that covers almost the whole dark brown bed. That bed is placed on top of a bright colored rug in the middle of the room. There is a tall wooden colored wardrobe at the corner of the room. There is also a vanity desk at the other corner of this bedroom with its dark brown vanity desk and a white contemporary seating.

Wooden floor still become the favorite choice in dealing with the other bedroom. This bedroom placed its bed in a rather aside position from the middle of the room. It has a big wardrobe that covering a whole side of wall. Combined with a shelving unit this wardrobe stands up to the white ceiling of the room. There is a wall paper utilized in this room with a contemporary painting attached on its wall on as small bedroom furniture layout ideas that create a comfortable bedroom.

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