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Some denim trends never die. Jack Kay/Theo Wargo/Getty

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Fashion trends appear and go, but denim jeans are one account of accouterment that will consistently be a basic in abounding closets.

It’s the accurate appearance of denim that changes year afterwards year, some decades seeing a acceleration in billowing jeans, others abounding of tight, low-rise moments.

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Here is a glimpse at what jeans looked like the year you were born:

The mid-1800s – 1930: Jeans accomplish their admission and are accepted for actuality abiding and practical, not stylish.

The 6 Best Baby And Children's Clothing Brands Of 6 - Top Baby Clothing Brands 2013

A photograph of two miners alfresco of the Last Chance Mine while cutting Levi jeans in Placer County, California, about 1882. Fotosearch/Getty Archives

Back in the mid-1800s, aback jeans were aboriginal invented, they were mainly accepted with miners and workers who bare to abrasion commodity athletic and reliable.

Best Baby Clothes Of 6 - Top Baby Clothing Brands 2013

It took a few added decades afore jeans became a accidental basic beat by all genders on a approved basis

1930 – 1953: Jeans were Western-inspired and aloof accepting popular.

A Dozen Reasons To Fall In Love With Bonpoint's Blue Summer  - Top Baby Clothing Brands 2013

Marlon Brando wore jeans on awning and off. Hulton Archive

It wasn’t until the 1930s that jeans became added boilerplate aback they entered the Hollywood arena in accepted Westerns.

Back then, jeans were associated with cowboys and the cine stars who played them.

Later, in the actual aboriginal 1950s, jeans were aloof starting to become added of a appearance trend acknowledgment to actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean cutting them on a appealing approved basis.

Still, alike as they became added “cool,” they had a Western vibe to them and were primarily beat by men.

It wasn’t until 1952 aback Marilyn Monroe wore a brace in her blur “River of No Return” that they became a basic for women as well.

1954 – 1956: Boxlike jeans were in style, and they were usually cuffed.

Throughout best of the 1950s, jeans had a boxlike attending to them — they weren’t adapted or decidedly baggy, they aloof looked rather stiff.

They were additionally about consistently beat formed up.

1957 – 1959: Pairing jeans with a white T-shirt became a trend.

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Brigitte Bardot additionally commutual jeans with boots and sweaters. Sydney O’Meara

This simple trend acutely started aback in 1957 aback Brigitte Bardot was photographed in cropped, beneath boxlike jeans with a white T-shirt.

Today, jeans and a white T-shirt are still a archetypal look.

Early 1960s: Denim became added flared, added embellished, and added fitted.

In the aboriginal 1960s, jeans were still boxlike and cuffed, but as the years went on, they became added casual, added fitted, and added embellished.

They became added boilerplate and beneath Western-inspired, too.

1964 – 1965: Jeans were bound at the waist and flared at the bottom.

Fit and blaze was the goal. AP/Jean Jacques Levy

The mid-1960s were all about flared jeans. Celebrities like Sonny and Cher, Twiggy, Mick Jagger, and Jimi Hendrix fabricated the appearance alike added popular.

1966 -1968: Boot-cut jeans took over.

In 1967, the breeze of the boot-cut jean was absolute for any chargeless spirit. Getty/ed West

Flares ability accept been a defining denim moment in the 1960s, but they weren’t the alone trend that bodies loved.

Boot-cut jeans were additionally actual accepted during this time, abnormally afterwards Brigitte Bardot was photographed cutting them in 1966.

1969: Flared jeans came back.

They weren’t gone for long. AP

Boot-cut may accept taken over for a few years, but by 1969, flared jeans were aback in business. Jeans were additionally acceptable a little added low-rise.

1970: Jeans were added ragged and embellished.

An commodity in the New York Times about denim trends in the aboriginal 1970s said that patched jeans, frayed cuffs, and failing jeans were acceptable added and added popular.

1971: They were added adapted in the waist.

It counterbalanced off the boxy, blaze bottoms. Getty/Jack Kay

Although flares and boot-cuts were still on-trend, jeans had become abundant added adapted at the waist. They weren’t absolutely so boxlike anymore.

1972: Alarm cheers fabricated their way into the spotlight.

Their acceptance grew. Getty/Central Press

Flares seemed acclimatized compared to the alarm cheers that became cool accepted in 1972. Jeans were added adapted at the waistband and got added as they went bottomward the leg.

Pin on Baby wear
Pin on Baby wear | top baby clothing brands 2013

1973 – 1974: Amateurish hems were on the best accepted jeans.

Flared jeans and alarm cheers were still actual contemporary in 1973 and usually came with frayed hems that fabricated it assume like addition had cut off a sliver of fabric.

1975 – 1976: Albatross accretion became the new alarm bottoms.

Alike Elvis (left) rocked them. Getty/David Ashdown

Bell cheers got alike added affecting in 1975 with the addition of albatross bells, which were basically aloof acutely wide-leg jeans that got alike added flared about the calves.

1977: Slim, beeline leg jeans had a punk-inspired vibe to them.

Slim jeans became a above trend. Getty/Aubrey Hart

In the backward 1970s, jeans started to become added slim-fitting, with straighter legs rather than flares.

For example, Levi’s 505 jeans were decidedly popular, abnormally in the music scene. You can acquaint by accepting a glimpse of the Ramone’s 1976 self-titled album, area they are all cutting 505s.

1978: Jeans became darker and tighter.

Sassoon jeans were popular. AP

The punk-inspired attending from 1977 ashore about as jeans became darker. They additionally became tighter.

Sasson jeans, which were accepted for actuality actual tight, were abundantly accepted in the backward 1970s.

1979: Daisy Dukes took the abode of jeans.

These became absolutely on-trend. Gene Trindl

In 1979, extra Catherine Bach wore actual abbreviate denim cut-offs in “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV series, and they anon became trendy.

1980: Jeans became abundant baggier.

They got baggier. AP/Ron Frehm

In the 1980s, the acceleration of hip-hop afflicted the way denim was worn. Jeans became actual billowing and oversized.

1981: Jeans became added sexy.

The ad was iconic. Calvin Klein

It was 1981 aback Calvin Klein appear its ad featuring Brooke Shields that is still talked about today.

The then-14-year-old archetypal infamously said, “You apperceive what comes amid me and my Calvins? Nothing.” It wasn’t the aboriginal time jeans had sex appeal, but it was absolutely a big moment.

1982: Jordache jeans were the bigger trend.

Jordache jeans, with their stiff-looking bolt and abstract aback pockets, were one of the best accepted brands at this time.

1983: Denim was high-waisted and cuffed.

The aerial waist is key.

In the aboriginal 1980s, jeans were aerial waisted, cuffed, and hardly baggy. This was aback “mom jeans” absolutely became a thing.

1984: High-waisted jeans had a hardly cone-shaped leg.

Baggy, cuffed mom jeans anon became cropped, hardly cone-shaped mom jeans, a trend that ashore about for a actual continued time.

1985: Jeans were tighter and cropped.

As the months went by, denim became a bit tighter instead of billowing or boxy. However, that hardly circumscribed ankle-length attending ashore about — the bigger to appearance off your blubbery white socks with.

1986: Faded, acid-wash jeans took over.

Acid ablution was in. Getty/Ian Gavan

Acid-wash denim will consistently be one of the aboriginal things bodies anticipate of aback they anticipate about the 1980s, and for acceptable reason.

Faded, cool ablaze acid-wash jeans were a huge trend.

1987: The acid-wash jeans got a little added destroyed.

Destroyed jeans were in. Getty/Jon Kopaloff

Eventually, achromatic acid-wash additionally became destroyed acid-wash, with ablaze jeans abounding of holes and artfully abiding rips.

1988: Denim-on-denim was a big thing.

Head to toe denim didn’t stop in 1988. In 2001, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake brought it aback for a red carpet. Mark J. Terrill/AP

As acid-wash jeans became hardly beneath popular, denim-on-denim got added trendy.

People were consistently photographed in hardly baggy, beeline leg jeans with analogous colossal jean jackets.

The 6 Best Baby and Children’s Clothing Brands of 6 | top baby clothing brands 2013

1989: Stonewashed jeans still captivated on as one of the bigger trends.

The worn-in attending was trending. Getty/Ben Gabbe

Similar to acid-wash jeans, stonewashed jeans were acutely popular. The worn-in, old attending of cast new jeans was commodity anybody was wearing.

1990: Button-fly jeans were added accepted than zipper-fly jeans.

These sorts of jeans relied on buttons. account accord / Contributor / Getty

Button-fly jeans were aboriginal alien in 1954, and they came aback address of Levi’s in 1990, aback they became a trend already again.

These jeans advance assorted buttons instead of a attachment closure.

1991: Overalls took the abode of approved jeans.

Overalls were the new hit. NBC / Contributor / Getty

Overalls were about afore the 1990s, but this decade is aback they absolutely acquired beef — abnormally in the pop-culture world.

Characters on TV shows like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” consistently sported overalls, too.

1992 – 1993: Simple, straight-leg jeans were all the rage.

Sometimes they had a cuff. Getty/Michael Buckner

The jeans of the aboriginal 1990s weren’t too outlandish. The best accepted appearance was straight-leg, hardly being jeans in a average wash.

Denim additionally saw a slight abatement in sales about this time.

1994: Low-rise jeans took hold.

In 1994, low-rise jeans came aback into appearance acknowledgment to Alexander McQueen and afresh Madonna, who wore the butt-grazing jeans in a accepted ad.

1995 – 1996: Boot-cut jeans came back.

They were a bit straighter than antecedent boot-cuts. AP/Mike Fiala

In the mid-1990s, the bootcut appearance came aback with a vengeance. They were straight, beneath baggy, and beat with aloof about everything.

1997: It was all about JNCO jeans.

They were all the rage. JNCO

Then aback JNCO jeans were everywhere. This huge, acutely billowing jeans were abundantly popular, accounting for an absorbing bulk of denim sales.

1998: And afresh it was all about Tommy Hilfiger jeans.

Once JNCO jeans started to lose steam, Tommy Hilfiger stepped in. The jeans, which were usually darker and consistently included the American banderole logo, were apparent on everyone.

1999: Medium-wash, archetypal jeans became big.

They were alike on the red carpet. Getty/Brenda Chase

In 1999, Britney Spears helped popularize simple medium-wash jeans that had a tiny bit of ability at the end of the leg.

2000: Blinged-out jeans were a trend.

The aboriginal 2000s were a actual awe-inspiring time for jeans, area the trends got added and added acute with anniversary casual year. It started with bizarre jeans, which included lots of bling.

2001: Lace-up jeans were the new thing.

It generally was bottomward the abandon of the legs. Getty/George De Sota

Blinged-out embellishments afflicted to lace-up embellishments as the months went on.

One cast in particular, Mudd, fabricated some accepted options: jeans that abstemious up at the fly, bottomward the abandon of the legs, or alike up the front.

2002: The belt loops got actual large.

Belts were meant to be seen. Getty/George De Sota

The aboriginal 2000s is accepted for one aberrant accent — acutely advanced belts. As a result, abounding pairs of jeans had actual ample belt loops to board the trend.

2003: Cool low-rise flares came aback in style.

The aboriginal 2000s were somewhat evocative of the 1970s acknowledgment to the low-rise flared jeans that fabricated a comeback. They were about alarm bottoms, but not quite.

2004: Aback pockets disappeared.

For a abrupt aeon of time in the aboriginal 2000s, jeans absent their aback pockets. In their abode was generally a semi-circle that alleged added absorption to your butt.

2005: Capri pants fabricated a comeback.

Back in the 1960s, circumscribed pants accepted as capris were in style. In the aboriginal 2000s, they came aback in denim form, in all altered kinds of washes.

The 6 Luxury Children’s Brands Chinese Mothers Love Jing Daily | top baby clothing brands 2013

2006: Ombré jeans became popular.

One accepted attending was for jeans to accept a lighter ablution in the average of the leg, afresh darker at the bottom, allegedly to accomplish your legs attending longer. It gave about an ombré effect.

2007: Jeans were low abundant to acquiesce your thong to blink out.

By this point in the aboriginal 2000s, low-rise jeans were so accepted that abounding forgot what high-waisted alike meant.

2008: Denim was annihilation but blue.

Instead of your archetypal medium-wash (or alike ablaze or dark), denim became colored. From gray to snake-skin to accidental patterns, jeans were annihilation but boring.

2009: Jeggings took over.

These adaptable jeans were all the rage. Getty/D Dipasupil

It was alone a amount of time afore jeans decreased in acceptance afterwards accepting an ballsy few years, and about 2009, jeggings took their place.

They were still technically jeans, but they were so adaptable that they could about feel like leggings.

2010: Admirer jeans fabricated their move.

This appearance is accepted to be loose. Christian Vierig / Contributor / Getty Images

Remember the boxlike jeans from the 1960s that were already in style? They array of came aback in the anatomy of admirer jeans, which were loose-fitting, cuffed, and sometimes destroyed in some way.

2011: Dark-wash angular jeans became the norm.

Kate Middleton’s dark-wash angular jeans. Samir Hussein / Contributor / Getty Images

It was either apart admirer jeans or bound angular jeans, finer in a aphotic wash. This was abnormally accurate afterwards Kate Middleton was spotted in a brace during her 2011 aristocratic North American tour.

2012: Jeans became ablaze and colorful.

It wasn’t contemporary abundant to aloof abrasion angular jeans — you had to abrasion bright angular jeans. This year, about any adumbration was acceptable to go.

2013: Check denim was popular.

Patches were trendy. David Crotty / Stringer / Getty Images

In 2013, jeans got a little bit added creative. Cut-and-wash combos were popular, as were check and embellishments.

2014: Overalls fabricated a comeback.

Some alike had patterns. Getty/Carlos Alvarez /

For a abbreviate aeon of time, overalls became contemporary yet again. Although they were generally beat apart in the 1990s, this decade adopted them added adapted and cropped.

2015: Jeans were still skinny, but additionally high-waisted.

As we confused added abroad from the low-rise jeans of the aboriginal 2000s, high-waisted jeans started to become added popular. In particular, 2015 accustomed high-waisted angular jeans.

2016: Denim was circumscribed and flared.

The appearance from the 1970s was authoritative a comeback, which was accessible in a big denim trend: jeans that were both circumscribed and flared out.

2017: Frayed hems were everywhere.

Jeans were added baffled than usual. Georgie Hunter/Getty Images

In 2017, the frayed hems trend that was accepted in the 1970s came aback into style.

2018: It was all about agitative new account and activity viral.

2018 was the year of viral jean trends. From 9-foot-long jeans to big-ticket layered jeans, the trend was all about demography risks and aggravating commodity new.

2019: Denim jumpsuits and dresses were appealing popular.

These jumpsuits came in a agglomeration of altered styles. Prodip Guha / Contributor / Getty

Throughout the year, a cardinal of celebrities rocked jumpsuit denim garments, from jumpsuits to dresses.

This accepted attending came in affluence of styles, whether you capital a commonsensical clothing that was cinched at the waist or a contemporary cardinal that was flared at the hem.

2020: Jeans weren’t a huge trend, but billowing ones with a looser fit were favored.

Apart jeans were advantaged in 2020. Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Amid the advancing all-around communicable aback abounding workers began signing on from home, comfortable fashions took over.

Because of the shift, added structured fashions, like jeans, weren’t a above apparel basic for some. But aback bodies did opt to abrasion jeans, they tend to accept beneath form-fitting styles that were apart or had affluence of stretch.

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