Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Academy Awards. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Throughout Hollywood history, there has been no curtailment of iconic red carpeting looks.

Ahead of Sunday’s Aureate Globes, we’ve best the best memorable accouterments from every year aback 1960.

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Many will never balloon Cher’s ab-baring atramentous accouterments and headpiece at the 1986 Oscars.

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Celebrities acquire been authoritative actualization history on red carpets for decades.

Whether it be Jennifer Lopez’s complete Versace dress or Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” bells gown, anniversary year celebrities actualization up to accolade shows, cine premieres, and blur festivals in their best looks. While some dresses are so abundant that they become iconic, added looks are accustomed for their ambiguous taste.

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Keep annual to apprentice about the best memorable attending from the red carpeting the year you were born.

In 1960, Ava Gardner wore a dress that absolutely addled at the Academy Awards.

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Ava Gardner. Frank Worth, Courtesy of Capital Art / Getty

Gardner abounding the Academy Awards in 1960 dressed in a sequined check dress that she abundantly commutual with a tiara, white fur, and white gloves.

Elizabeth Taylor wore a clothes with floral capacity to the 1961 Academy Awards.

Elizabeth Taylor in 1961. Darlene Hammond / Getty

The Christian Dior dress commutual a chicken top with a white brim and a belt that had a distinct annual attached. Harper’s Bazaar calls this one of the star’s “most iconic actualization moments.”

Natalie Wood angry active in 1962 aback she showed up to the Academy Awards cutting a white atramentous gown.

Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood. Bettmann / Getty

Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood went to the Academy Awards together, and the extra accustomed cutting a white check dress and fur stole. Her up-do hairstyle was a signature of the ’60s.

In 1963, Sophia Loren’s layered neckline wowed at the Academy Awards.

Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. Keystone-France / Getty

Sophia Loren presented Gregory Peck with his Academy Accolade while cutting a knee-length, white dress with a neckline of accoutrement shaped like a boa. PopSugar alleged the accouterments a red carpeting moment that fabricated actualization history.

Anne Bancroft appeared on the 1964 Academy Awards date cutting a pleated dress.

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Anne Bancroft and Sidney Poitier. Julian Wasser / Getty

Bancroft’s pleated dress had simple spaghetti straps and long, white gloves. Harper’s Bazaar said this dress is one of the looks that “paved the way for the trendsetters of today.”

In 1965, Julie Andrews wore a beauteous chicken dress to acquire her Academy Award.

Julie Andrews. Graphic House / Getty

The year afterwards “Mary Poppins” debuted, Andrews took home her Oscar while cutting a simple chicken dress with a aboveboard neckline. She commutual the dress with a annual necklace. It’s the complete archetype of the amaze and allure of the ’60s red carpet.

Elke Sommer’s absurd dress at the 1966 Academy Awards is still a showstopper.

Elke Sommer on the right. Gene Lester / Getty

Actress Elke Sommer wore a blooming dress with an absurd neckline. The top bisected of the dress was beaded, while the basal bisected was simple. She complemented the dress altogether with a beehive hairstyle dotted with flowers.

In 1967, stars starting demography added affecting actualization risks, like Rosemarie Stack at the Academy Awards.

Rosemarie Stack. Hulton Archive / Getty

According to Vanity Fair, 1967 apparent the year women dared to booty actualization risks, arch to hippie culture. Model Rosemarie Stack showed off a new actualization at the Academy Awards that year with a adventurous book on her head-to-toe outfit.

Audrey Hepburn’s dress at the 1968 Academy Awards has been declared as “enviable.”

Audrey Hepburn. Bettmann / Getty

Hepburn abounding the Academy Awards cutting a different Givenchy dress. In 2016, The New York Times accustomed the dress, autograph that the extra “was advanced of her time in this sequin-and-flower-encrusted, Empire-waist, bow-bedecked dress with a agent over the solar plexus.”

Barbra Streisand’s attending at the 1969 Academy Awards is annihilation abbreviate of iconic.

Barbra Streisand. ABC Photo Archives / Getty

In 1969, Streisand accustomed her Academy Accolade for “Funny Girl” in an Arnold Scaasi atramentous pantsuit with flared blow legs, artificial sequins, and white cape cuffs. The extra accustomed in 2016 that she didn’t apprehend the accouterments was see-through.

“I had no abstraction that aback the lights hit that outfit, it would become transparent,” she told Vanity Fair.

At the 1970 Academy Awards, Elizabeth Taylor accompanied her husband, Richard Burton, while cutting a dejected clothes that altogether akin her eyes.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Frank Edwards/Fotos International/Getty Images

Taylor and Burton, one of Hollywood’s best iconic couples, affiliated and afar twice. Taylor’s actualization at the 1970 Academy Awards was during their aboriginal marriage.

The babyish dejected dress altogether akin her eyes and eye shadow, and complemented her necklace, which would go on to be alleged the Taylor-Burton diamond, the 12th-largest architecture in the apple at the time.

Goldie Hawn wore a aureate atramentous clothes and analogous flowers in her beard at the 1971 Academy Awards.

Goldie Hawn. AP

Marie Claire alleged this dress one of the best iconic Oscar dresses of all time, shouting out the “‘flower child’-style spaghetti band dress.” Her beard included a distinct rose in her up-do.

At the 1972 Grammys, Aretha Franklin looked amazing in a head-to-toe orange ensemble.

Aretha Franklin. Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

This year, aback Franklin took home her seventh and eighth Grammys, she did so in style. Harper’s Bazaar alleged this one of the best iconic Grammys looks of all time, and alleged her red and gold clothes and analogous arch bandage “stunning.”

Cher’s ab-baring chicken two-piece accouterments would be adventuresome now, let abandoned in 1973.

Sonny and Cher. Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Cher’s never been one to shy abroad from cutting adventurous looks on the red carpet, as apparent by this Bob Mackie-designed accouterments at the 1973 Academy Awards.

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Cicely Tyson wore a admirable floral clothes at the 1974 Emmy Awards.

Cicely Tyson. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The active legend, who was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame this year, looked every inch a champ at the Emmys.

Lauren Hutton looked every bit the ’70s goddess in her fur accoutrement and delicate dress at the 1975 Academy Awards.

Lauren Hutton. Michael Montfort/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Both pastels and fur coats like this (though now, they’re commonly faux fur) acquire arise aback into actualization recently, authoritative this a around-the-clock look.

In 1976, Jacqueline Bisset wore an affected argent clothes to the Academy Awards.

Jacqueline Bisset. Argent Screen Collection/Getty Images

The British extra shined ablaze like a architecture with her argent dress and striped shawl. Marie Claire wrote that this dress was “making a case for the one-shouldered trend to come.”

Dolly Parton absolutely brought cowboy chichi to the 1977 Grammys.

Dolly Parton. Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Cowboys may acquire fabricated a improvement in the aftermost few years acknowledgment to Lil Nas X, the yodeling Walmart boy, and Kacey Musgraves’ adulation of yeehaws, but Parton’s accouterments actuality shows us that she’s been the Yeehaw Queen best than any of those bodies acquire been alive.

At the 1978 Academy Awards, Farrah Fawcett channeled a gold bronze herself.

Farrah Fawcett. Walt Disney Television/Getty Images Photo Archives

Fawcett sported her signature feathered beard and a brownish dress at the Oscars, authoritative her attending like a aureate goddess. In fact, Good Housekeeping said that she was “looking added beaming and gilded than an complete Oscar statue” at her first-ever Academy Awards ceremony.

Meryl Streep alien us to witchy glam at the 1979 Oscars.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Streep, who was nominated for her role in “The Deer Hunter,” wore a simple atramentous dress to the ceremony, proving that — sometimes — all you charge to accomplish a annual is your admired atramentous dress. Plus, her witchy, flowy, Stevie Nicks accordance would be altogether on trend in 2020.

Goldie Hawn fabricated annual with a ablaze pantsuit in 1980.

Goldie Hawn. Ron Galella / Getty

Hawn wore a cape that was absolutely bedazzled to the Academy Awards in 1980 and commutual it with big curls — a signature of the ’80s. In fact, Elle wrote that this attending is the complete archetype of the actress’ “amazing ’80s style.”

Diana Ross wowed in this layered attending at the 1981 Met Gala.

Diana Ross. Ron Galella / Getty

Teen Vogue alleged this feathered accouterments one of “the best iconic Met Gala looks of all time.” In 2019, the advertisement wrote, “No one can cull off a dress absolutely fabricated of accoutrement absolutely like this American icon.”

Debbie Allen’s dress from the 1982 Academy Awards is absolutely commodity to remember.

Debbie Allen. ABC Photo Archives / Getty

Allen performed at the Academy Awards that year, but bodies could alone allocution about her dripping-in-detail dress. In 2020, E! Annual wrote, “She abashed in an ablaze lavender gown, which featured white-beaded binding and a thigh-high slit.” In fact, the advertisement alleged it one of the best Oscar dresses of all time.

A adolescent Drew Barrymore’s dress at the 1983 Academy Awards was a complete army pleaser.

Drew Barrymore. Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty

At aloof 8 years old, Barrymore accustomed at her aboriginal Academy Awards commemoration cutting a blush dress, a analogous bow, and a white stole. She told reporters that her “momma” advised the dress and “E.T.” administrator Steven Spielberg gave her the chaplet of pearls, according to Ball Tonight.

Madonna’s bells dress from the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards is now legendary.

Madonna. David McGough / Getty

Madonna showed up to the absolute aboriginal MTV VMAs cutting a white bells dress that she commutual with a belt that read, “Boy Toy.” The dress became acclaimed afterwards her history-making achievement of “Like a Virgin.”

At the 1985 Met Gala, Cher showed up in a absolute memorable outfit.

Cher. Ron Galella / Getty

In 1985, the Met Gala’s affair was “Costumes of Royal India,” and Cher wore a Bob Mackie dress that had a bedazzled, apparent top and a simple, atramentous skirt. Red Book has alleged it one of the “most talked-about dresses anytime beat at the Met Gala.”

The afterward year, Cher outdid herself with the best memorable attending of 1986.

Cher. Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

In 1986, the artist wore yet accession Bob Mackie attending to the Academy Awards, but this time she commutual it with a large, feathered headpiece.

“Remember aback amateur Don Ameche won an Oscar for Best Supporting Amateur in ‘Cocoon?'” CNN wrote in 2020. “Of advance not; we were too bugged by the woman presenting him with a statuette: Cher, in a bat-crazy mash-up of witchy showgirl and Halloween Big Bird.”

In 1987, Prince Diana graced the Cannes Blur Festival in an affected gown.

Prince Charles and Angel Diana. Tim Graham / Getty

Princess Diana wore a dejected Catherine Walker clothes draped in chiffon. Grace Kelly aggressive the gown, according to Good Housekeeping.

In 2017, the advertisement additionally wrote, “The Cannes red carpeting never recovered from this all-star moment.”

Jennifer Grey wore a simple atramentous dress to the 1988 Academy Awards.

Jennifer Grey. Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Coming off the success of their hit blur “Dirty Dancing,” Grey and Patrick Swayze showed up to the 1988 Academy Awards cutting analogous atramentous attire.

“Nobody put babyish in the bend at the 1988 Oscars; Jennifer Grey and the backward Patrick Swayze danced to their own tune and both wore atramentous on the red carpet,” the BBC wrote in 2018.

At the 1989 Academy Awards, Demi Moore wore an experimental, DIY look.

Demi Moore. Jim Smeal / Getty

Moore wore the best iconic accouterments of 1989 … but not for the best reasons.

“In 1989, Demi Moore took that alley beneath catholic on Hollywood’s better night,” Vogue wrote in 2018. “With then-husband Bruce Willis on her arm, she stepped out in a amalgam dress/bodysuit that she absolutely ancient herself out of spandex bike shorts, a corset, and a brownish floral-print fabric. Naturally, the columnist reamed out Moore for cutting her own cut-and-sew creation.”

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New collection of baby girl dresses,Kids Party wear Stylish,Top ,Dress,Frocks 7 by Trendy India | trendy baby dresses

However agrarian they seemed in the ’80s though, bike shorts are one of the trendiest pieces of accouterment in 2020, Moore was aloof advanced of her time.

Julia Roberts wore a menswear-inspired ensemble at the 1990 Aureate Globes, proving that dresses are sometimes aloof artlessly overrated.

Julia Roberts. Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Roberts has no curtailment of iconic red carpeting looks from her decades in Hollywood, but this accouterment and tie has ashore with us over the accomplished 30 years.

“I admired the appearance of it,” she told InStyle. “For me, this was the apotheosis of actuality dressed up.” Yahoo wrote that the accouterment “deserves added than aloof a simple nod,” and alleged it “her iconic accouterment moment.” As actualization becomes added androgynous, this attending was additionally advanced of its time.

Madonna channeled Old Hollywood allure and Marilyn Monroe at the 1991 Academy Awards.

Michael Jackson and Madonna. David McGough/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Both Madonna and her date, Michael Jackson, took out their best white sparkles for the commemoration that year. Harper’s Bazaar alleged it one of her best memorable looks.

In 1992, Demi Moore already afresh pushed boundaries with this bound lavender clothes and elbow-length gloves.

Demi Moore. Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Page Six alleged this Oscars clothes one of her best iconic actualization moments of her decades-long career in Hollywood.

Mariah Carey rocked a monochromatic attending at a 1993 Grammys afterwards party.

Mariah Carey. Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Carey has consistently been a actualization star, alike as far aback as the aboriginal ’90s. In accession to her complete ’90s amber lipstick and artlessly coiled hair, this red dress lives on as one of her best looks ever.

Elizabeth Hurley instantly anchored her atom in actualization history with the abominable Versace assurance pin dress in 1994.

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant. Dave Benett/Getty Images

Often referred to as “that dress,” Hurley’s Versace dress alike has its own Wikipedia page. The dress, which she wore to the premiere of her admirer Hugh Grant’s film, “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” anon catapulted her to the A-list.

As CNN put it, “Hurley arguably paved the way for Jennifer Lopez’s coast blooming Grammys dress (also Versace) in 2000 and Halle Berry’s arduous clothes at the 2002 Oscars” — both of which arise on this list.

“Friends” was aloof starting to become a abnormality in 1995, and Jennifer Aniston’s simple atramentous dress and gloves set a antecedent for years of her red carpeting style.

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry. Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Her beard is styled in the iconic “Rachel” style, which became the best accustomed crew of the ’90s. This accouterments additionally caked a attending that Aniston is still agitation to this day: the atramentous dress.

Mary J. Blige’s leopard-print ensemble at the 1996 Grammys is still in actualization today.

Mary J. Blige. Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Just aftermost year, one of the better trends of the summer was the bobcat midi-skirt, proving that Blige was advanced of her time.

In 1997, Lauryn Hill wore this red and white color-blocked ensemble to the Grammys.

Lauryn Hill. Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

In accession to this color-block attending (which would still be contemporary today), Hill’s adorableness attending cannot be ignored. Allure alleged this one of the best Grammy adorableness looks of all time, writing, “Rocking abysmal amber lipstick, a light, begrimed eye, and sleek, chin-length twists, the ‘Killing Me Softly’ songstress looked every bit the allotment of a Hollywood heavy-hitter.”

Sharon Stone accumulated glassy and menswear at the 1998 Academy Awards to abundant success.

Sharon Stone. Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Stone “effortlessly combined” both “menswear and feminine pieces,” and aerial actualization and accustomed actualization — while her brim is Vera Wang, her shirt is from … the Gap.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s clothes at the 1999 Academy Awards is said to acquire fabricated blush air-conditioned again.

Gwyneth Paltrow. Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

The star’s Ralph Lauren clothes is accession clothes that has its own Wikipedia page. The dress is consistently cited as one of the greatest Oscars dresses of all time, and acutely fabricated blush air-conditioned again.

One bazaar buyer in Connecticut had this to say about the dress: “The year before, I wouldn’t acquire alike looked at annihilation pink. It would acquire reminded my barter of aback they were little girls. Paltrow fabricated the blush ‘cool.’ And Paltrow’s Oscar dress angry into my cardinal one brawl dress actualization of the year.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy Awards is one of the best iconic dresses of all time.

In 2000, the coast Versace dress became so accustomed that it sparked the conception of Google Images, according to Vogue UK. Google’s controlling chairman, Eric Schmidt, accustomed that bodies kept analytic for photos of the dress anon afterwards the accolade show, so the aggregation absitively to actualize an angel chase engine.

“The dress went viral afore viral was a thing,” CNN wrote in 2020 afterwards the artist wore an adapted adaptation of the dress at a Versace actualization show.

Icelandic accompanist Björk abashed at the 2001 Academy Awards aback she wore a faux swan captivated about her neck.

While cutting the feathered dress, Bjork additionally affected to lay eggs on the red carpet.

“It is absolutely this aberration that fabricated the attending so iconic,” CNN wrote in 2019. “The dress not alone anchored Björk’s abode as one of the ball business’ best memorable personalities, it accustomed that alike abhorrent dresses can accomplish actualization history.”

Halle Berry’s clothes at the 2002 Academy Awards is a beauty.

Halle Berry. AP

Berry’s Elie Saab clothes had a layered and draped skirt, but it was commutual with a apparent top that had flowers accoutrement the important parts.

“There’s aloof commodity so iconic and able about the dress — from the appearance to the abundant embroidering, it charcoal my complete favorite,” Atalie Gimmel, Vogue’s accessory administrator of amusing media, told the advertisement in 2020. “And the actuality that she wore it while accepting Best Actress, the aboriginal Atramentous woman to win that category, aloof makes it all the added iconic.”

In 2003, Eve wore a acclaimed Alexander McQueen dress that abounding replicated throughout the years.

Eve. Jim Spellman / Getty

Alexander McQueen debuted this chiffon dress at a abatement 2003 actualization show, and a few months later, Eve wore it to the CFDA Awards. The dress again connected to pop up throughout the years: Naomi Campbell wore it to a affair in London, and Lily Donaldson wore it to the Met Gala three years later.

“In accession to its ablaze acceptance amid the fashion-savvy, what stands out to me about this over-a-decade-old architecture is how, like so abounding pieces McQueen made, it feels accordant in 2020,” Ana Colón at Fashionista wrote in 2020. “The silhouette, the fit, the color, the detail — it can (and should) be beat today after necessarily activity archival.”

Charlize Theron wore a simple yet memorable dress to the 2004 Oscars.

Charlize Theron. Jeff Kravitz / Getty

Theron glistened in this simple Gucci dress on the Academy Awards’ red carpet.

“Charlize Theron’s ablaze argent Gucci clothes is a prime archetype that beneath is generally way added on the red carpet,” Christian Allaire, Vogue’s actualization and actualization writer, told the advertisement in 2020.

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This deep-blue dress that Hilary Swank wore to the 2005 Academy Awards is advised one of the best Oscar dresses in history.

Hilary Swank. Jeff Kravitz / Getty

Vogue calls this Guy Laroche dress one of the “best Oscars red carpeting dresses of all time.”

“Business in the front, affair in the back,” Maria Ward, Vogue’s actualization annual writer, told the advertisement in 2020. The dress “made for a able annual from every angle,” she added.

Michelle Williams’ ablaze chicken dress at the 2006 Academy Awards is the year’s best iconic gown.

Michelle Williams. Steve Granitz / Getty

“Michelle Williams in bare chicken Vera Wang at the 2006 commemoration goes bottomward as best dressed in my book,” Steff Yotka, Vogue’s actualization annual and arising platforms editor, told the advertisement in 2020.

At the British Academy Blur Awards in 2007, Thandie Newton wore a beauteous mermaid-style gown.

Thandie Newton. Niki Nikolova / Getty

“2007 was Thandie’s year as a fashionista,” Elle wrote aback in 2007. “Everyone from Jonathan Saunders to Chanel clamored to dress her. As Giles’ muse, she chose one of his creations for the 2007 BAFTA’s and wowed us all.”

Marion Cotillard’s different dress at the 2008 Oscars is memorable for its fish-like pattern.

Marion Cotillard. Steve Granitz / Getty

She wore the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture clothes with layered gold necklaces as she accustomed the Best Extra accolade for “La Vie en Rose.”

Kate Moss lit up the 2009 Met Gala’s red carpeting with this cogitating gold dress.

Kate Moss. Patrick McMullan / Getty

Moss wore a mini dress by Marc Jacobs and analogous headpiece to the Met Gala, which was themed “The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion.”

Nothing in VMA history will anytime top Lady Gaga’s meat dress in 2010.

Lady Gaga. Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Since Gaga aboriginal stepped on the scene, she’s been authoritative annual for her fashion. But it accomplished a agitation angle aback she stepped assimilate the MTV Video Music Awards red carpeting cutting a dress and shoes fabricated absolutely out of meat. At the time, she said it was a beef adjoin the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

“If we don’t angle up for what we acquire in, if we don’t action for our rights, appealing anon we’re activity to acquire as abundant rights as the meat on our bones,” she said.

The dress can still be beheld at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mila Kunis’ 2011 Oscars dress charcoal one of the best abstracted Oscar dresses of all time.

Mila Kunis. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kunis’ Elie Saab clothes fabricated her attending like a lavender dream walking bottomward the red carpet. Elle alleged her one of the best dressed celebrities that year, and said the dress “exuded authentic romance.” Allure alleged it “a adorable stunner.”

In 2012, Angelina Jolie about bankrupt the internet with her gown’s thigh-high slit.

Angelina Jolie. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jolie’s dress aggressive abounding a meme during the 2012 Academy Awards, all acknowledgment to the atramentous gown’s adventurous aperture and her ability stance. Bodies alleged her leg “the blemish brilliant of the Oscars,” and the Atelier Versace gown’s aperture alike aggressive its own Twitter account, @AngiesRightLeg, which in 2012 had accumulated 14,000 followers.

No one can balloon Jennifer Lawrence’s dress at the 2013 Academy Awards – it’s what she was cutting aback she fell up the stairs.

Jennifer Lawrence. Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

This structured anemic blush clothes would’ve already gone bottomward in history for actuality a admirable allotment of art, but it absolutely becoming its atom in the account of Oscar history aback Lawrence fell while aggravating to acquire her aboriginal Oscar for her achievement in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Now, none of us will anytime balloon the Dior Couture gown.

In 2014, Lupita Nyong’o had her absolute own Cinderella moment on the red carpet.

Lupita Nyong’o. Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

Nyong’o consistently appears on Best Dressed lists, and it all started during the columnist bout and accompanying awards division for “12 Years a Slave,” which she’d go on to win an Oscar for. She capped off her boastful awards division with this robin’s egg dejected Prada gown.

Huffington Post alleged it the best dress of the evening, autograph that she “blew us all away,” and the dress fabricated “her attending like an angel.”

Rihanna’s dress at the 2015 Met Gala was a showstopper.

Rihanna. TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

When Rihanna accustomed at the 2015 Met Gala, the affair of which was “China: Through the Looking Glass,” aperture collectively dropped. The ballsy gown, advised by Chinese artist Guo Pei, was “handmade by one Chinese woman and it took her two years to make,” according to Vanity Fair.

At the 2016 Grammys, Taylor Swift afflicted up her actualization and wore a blush aggregate that’s still accustomed today.

Taylor Swift. Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Swift clearly larboard abaft her country fairytale persona with “1989,” and this accouterments appear a barbarous new pop princess. The color-blocked set additionally reminded ’90s babies of accession iconic accouterments — Bianca’s brawl attending in “10 Things I Hate About You.”

At the 2017 Met Gala, Kendall Jenner took the “naked dress” trend to an absolutely new level.

Kendall Jenner. J. Kempin/Getty Images

The naked dress is a absolute movement — actuality are 89 added celebrities that acquire pulled it off. But Jenner’s attending at the 2017 Met Gala charcoal one of the added acclaimed examples, as it was commutual with a absolutely arresting atramentous thong. Vogue alleged the La Perla blooper bold, and said it “felt accurate to the night’s beat theme.”

Nobody does it like Rita Moreno. The dress she wore at the 2018 Academy Awards was the aforementioned one she wore 56 years prior.

Rita Moreno and Sebastian Lelio. Rick Rowell/Getty Images

The EGOT champ pulled the dress she wore for her 1962 Oscars win out of accumulator for the 2018 Oscars, and she looked amazing accomplishing it. The moral of the story: Never bandy annihilation away.

Billy Porter became an burning figure with this cape dress at the 2019 Academy Awards.

Billy Porter. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Porter, who frequently switches up gender norms and wears dresses on the red carpet, attenuated a adequate atramentous tie accouterment with a ballgown. The Christian Siriano dress was instantly lauded, with the Washington Post writing, “Billy Porter wore a cape and a dress. We should all feel empowered to accomplish such adventurous choices.”

The aperture continued, Porter “made a able annual in his accoutrements Sunday night, one that will apparently bell with anyone who has anytime been fabricated to feel that their announcement — whether clothing, mannerisms, affect, hobbies, or account — was not acceptable. His clothes showed complete men can abrasion dresses, and that that is commodity to celebrate, not shun.”

Before the communicable shut bottomward all red carpets, Ariana Grande wore a adventurous gray clothes at the 2020 Grammys.

Ariana Grande. Amy Sussman/Getty Images

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The accompanist capped off an absurd two years at the 2020 Grammys cutting a custom Giambattista Valli clothes fit for a princess. She was about anon crowned the best dressed of the night, with the Zoe Report writing, “The ablaze gray masterpiece resembled complete clouds, featuring amaranthine tiers of admirable ruffles. Grande absolutely looked every bit the pop princess.”

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