Various Bathroom Interior Design: a Place to Indulge Yourself Under

It might seem so simple, but bathroom interior design has a quite essential roles in your home decorating. It is the place where you can be all by yourself, when you live with others, obviously. Forget the standard design with ceramic tile all over the place, since the following examples would give you enlightenment on the materials can be used to decorate the bathroom. The designs are presented by FAPCeramiche to spoil you inside the most private room inside the house.

The first design serves a luxurious design. The bathroom interior design ideas utilize hardwood flooring as its surface. It places the sink together with the wall mounted counters to place the amenities. The wall itself is the combination between ceramic tile and luxurious wallpaper with carving pattern. In order to add the touch of elegance, this bathroom utilize the combination of white lamps and yellow lamps. The white one is placed on the ceiling, while the yellow one is utilized above the sink and under the bath tub.

The next design shows a combination of working space and bathroom. It’s a rather strange combination, definitely. However, the bathroom provides you with a tub and a shower box. It places a coat hanger next to the box. In the middle of the room, you will be able to find a round table as accompanied with modern designer chairs. Everyone deserves to wonder the functions of such table. But from the image we can see that it would support you when you want to work inside the bathroom.

A mainstream bathroom design usually have cream or black and white color. But you can actually employ other color to liven up the interior. Marine blue might be one of the perfect choice to decorate your bathroom wall. It can be beautifully combined with wooden flooring or marble tile. Besides, magenta could also be useful when you want to present a classical impression. Do not forget to attach mirror inside your modern bathroom interior design ideas as it would improve the spaciousness.

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