Various Luxury Interior Design: Employing Wooden Accent in Your House

It is an inevitable fact that wood can improve the performance of a luxury interior design. Like the living room we are going to see. This room has ceramic tile to cover its floor. The entrance door adopts Japanese bamboo door. But this time, it is made out of wooden materials and combined with frosted glass wall. The living’s ceiling is a combination between woods and wallpaper. It also is the same with the wall’s surface.

Combining woods inside your house with other bold color also create majestic impression. The next living area design might also be inspiring as luxury interior design ideas. It employs hardwood materials to cover the wall. Some part of it is also utilized as wall mounted cabinet, while the telly is integrated within the wall. Such interior is combined with purple accent employed in long draperies, armchairs, and sofa pillow cover. Additionally, we can also find a classical chandeliers hung above the coffee table.

Luxurious impression can also be presented by grey color. Even though the main materials are woods, but you do not have to emphasize its original color. You can paint it with grey or white hue. The bedroom, for example, uses wooden desk painted in white. It also has several mirrors attached on the bedroom wall. Its floor is covered by geometric rug with similar pattern employed on the wall.

Another bedroom design combines wooden accent with yellow furniture color. It is enlightened with hanging lamps with shell cover. It also has glass windows covered in transparent curtain. On the bedsides, we can find a wooden end table attached on the woods which cover the head board’s part. In order to improve the spaciousness of the room, the architects utilize mirror to cover the wardrobe. On the corner, we can find a wall integrated bookshelf placed behind yellow lounge chair. The high end interior design ideas frames the telly with asymmetrical wooden panels too.

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