Versatile Space Saving Furniture for Multipurpose of Daily Activities

If now you are trying to get more space in the small house, you may need this space saving furniture. This furniture has multiple purpose that you can arrange according to the needs. The narrow space becomes more effective because in a corner you can do various activities there. Idea comes from the Isolagiorno who creates this versatile furniture. You can place it everywhere as necessary.

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The furniture consists of a bench sofa and dining table. The sofa has two side seat, both sides can be used for sitting place. The sofa is made from the soft mattress that looks so comfortable. There are also some pillows if you want. A backrest made from mattress is also designed in this sofa so that you can sit in comfort. This space saving furniture designs will be so useful for you who live in small living space.

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If you buy this furniture, you will get a set of dining table and chairs too. So, the furniture is not just the sofa but also the table set. This table set is created from the oak wood material. One side of the wooden table is intended to be placed near the short seat of the sofa while other side is facing the chairs. Three chairs are placed near this table to complete the design.

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By using this arrangement, both side of the sofa or the table can be used for many activities. At the table, if you don’t want to use it as dining table you can transform it as the working or studying table. You can choose whether to sit at the sofa side or on the chairs. While you are working, children can also play at the wider seat of the sofa. This is really space efficient. Colors are available in dark or light ones. There are black, white, or grey. We are really sure that this space saving furniture design will be so useful.

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