Vibrant Colorful Home Decor in a Vibe of the Urban City Area

A colorful home decor always interesting and catches our eyes. It may also increase our spirit of the day in the harsh and hectic urban living. A designer named Denis Svirid has created some decorative home design with colorful interior. Below are the illustrations of colorful home design that he have created to color up your day.

The first colorful house offers us with colorful interior design in a various backdrop color. Those various backdrops can be seen on the living area that incorporates wooden clad, grey wall, and also concrete wall along with a white color scheme of the furniture. Wooden clad embellishes the indented part of the room in which there is white sofa with decorative throwing pillows. Near the wooden cladded wall, there is a grey wall in which a decorative pendant light with a red lining creeping over the wall down to the floor. This living area also has an LCD TV that is attached on the concrete wall.

Greyish color of the concrete wall is also shown in the other illustration of kitchen area which has a white color scheme on its kitchen set. Vivid blue color adorns the kitchen set on its mounted storage. The blue colored storage looks so stunning among those white kitchen set. Blue color also becomes the preference in coloring the stool which is placed near a kitchen island. Those blue stools have a simple design and are made of an iron.

Colorful vibe is also shown on the study room in which a yellow chair faces toward a contemporary desk with its sleek design. Behind that chair, there is a big yellow sofa that back facing a side of white wall with dented texture. There are also two pendant lights in cornflower blue color. Those colorful home decor ideas dominate the house and make it becomes livelier.

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