Wonderful Transformable Furniture in a Kids Room to Save Space

Sometimes kids needs a big space to play in their room, so by using transformable furniture the kids room can have a bigger space without removing any kids furniture. Using a transformable bed to wall will surely save a lot of space in your kids room. As a design firm that specialized in this kind of furniture, Clei studio, an Italian-based design studio has designed some kids rooms incorporated with furniture that can be transformed to save space.

As the first illustration gives us with a fuchsia colored scheme room, it is suitable to be used as a girl room. A transformable bed to wall can be found in this room. It is considered as a built-in furniture along with a white wardrobe beside it. The bed has fuchsia mattress and a white pillow. There is also a transformable furniture table in this room with a similar fuchsia color on its countertop. The table can be transformed to show a hidden bed that is built in with it.

Transformable table also can be found on another illustration kids room. This time a dark turquoise color is used as a color scheme in a bright room design. A very big window harness the light that is transmitted to light up the transformable table on the corner of the room which is built in with some big storages and a wardrobe. The table can be transformed into an additional bed that is a great addition for a cousin visit.

Another kids room offers a more colorful vibe on its interior design. Dazzling color of Yellow and light green enliven the room with its vibrant color. There is a desk with some shelving casters that is perfect to store some belongings of the kids. Just slide those casters and then voila! A hidden bed is ready to be used from its nest inside the unit attached on the wall. Maybe you can use all of those saving space ideas with the addition of transformable table & chair in the kids room.

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