Wonderful Vibrant Interior with the Use of Blue and Yellow Decor

A house with beautiful color spectrums applied inside its interior design has generated a vibrant interior that will give a new spirit to its occupants. This modern residence is a magnificent house that was designed by AlinaPuzhak. Blue and yellow color embellishes its interior furniture and house decors and creates a delicate view on its interior.

Basically this house has white walls that serve as the backdrop. Almost each side of the walls has their own different texture and pattern. As we can see that the living area of the house is adorned with some vertical lines that create indented lanes on the wall near its TV cabinet. Another side of wall has a texture that mimic a brick wall but with a smoother texture. To make it into a vibrant interior design, some wall decors are mounted such as those beautiful paintings and a decorative wall clock.

Although this is a modern house, the designer brilliantly put some furniture with vintage design that is beautifully able to mingle with the presence of modern furniture. Those vintage furniture can be seen on the living are of this house. There is a vintage TV cabinet with a grey paste color that holds an LCD TV. That TV is enveloped by two kind of decorative trophies in bright yellow color. That kind of color also can be seen on the decorative carpet in which on top of it there is a stool with vintage legs.

There is also a big blue sofa with blue and yellow throwing pillows. This sofa is placed beneath two vintage end tables with blue color. Some flowers on a glass become a decoration that is put on both of those blue end tables. The blue color can also be seen on the dining furniture set that employs some white framed chairs with blue cushion while the dining table has a white color. There is a hanging chandelier above them in white color. The white color becomes a backdrop that makes this so vibrant interior design possible to take place on this house interior.

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