Wooden Small Home Interiors as Highly Populated Urban Living Solution

Narrow lot house design conveys small home interiors ideas, which is indispensable in highly populated cities. Denis Svirid of Ukraine designs a cozy apartment in Frantsuzsky Boulevard that presents wooden structure as the ultimate background of this small spaces home. This bedroom juxtaposes the bathroom with glass door as the partition. The bedroom itself has a minimalist and simple setting. The eave lets the ventilation supporting the light and air regulation.

The bed has its level in a raised-floor to comply with a double bed with the space for books. Dark cladding of the bed wall gives a calm nuance in this sleeping area. It is kind of small home interiors designs that obviously apply the minimalist home concept sustaining the urban living. Getting curious with the stylish bathroom, it is enough to have a shower for bathing, toilet and powder spot for daily cleansing.

Small lounge lets a dark sofa serves the best seat between the study room and kitchen. This interior utilizes all available spots to magnify the small room interior ideas. Niches of the upper sitting space wooden wall are finely designed books storage. Study area is a private room, which is full with PC desk and single chair for working. It is like a personal cave fitting one soul to live there.

The design of this small space gives the eyes a surprise with the mirrored study room door when it is closed. It will make an illusion of a spacious space for the refection clearly copying all the things before it. Examining the white scene kitchen, it is a perfect design of a cooking zone to have white hue enhancing the space. The glass window allows the natural light to offer an airy space in this area. That is the visualization of interior design for small house for urban living.

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