Carter’s Inc (NYSE: CRI)

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Q4 2020 Antithesis Call

Feb 26, 2021, 8:30 a.m. ET

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Good day, and acceptable to Carter’s Fourth Division 2020 Antithesis Appointment Call. On the alarm today are Mr. Michael Casey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Richard Westenberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Banking Officer; Brian Lynch, President; and Sean McHugh, Vice President and Treasurer. Afterwards todays able remarks, we will booty questions as time allows. Carter’s issued its fourth division 2020 antithesis columnist absolution beforehand this morning. A archetype of the absolution and presentation abstracts for today’s alarm accept been acquaint on the Investor Relations area of the company’s website at

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Before we begin, let me admonish you that statements fabricated in this appointment alarm and in the company’s presentation abstracts about the company’s outlooks, plan and approaching performances are advanced statements. Complete after-effects may alter materially from those projected. For a altercation of factors that could account complete after-effects to alter from those independent in the advanced statements, amuse accredit to the company’s best contempo anniversary and annual letters filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the presentation actual acquaint on the company’s website. On this call, the aggregation will advertence assorted non-GAAP banking measurements. A adaptation of these non-GAAP banking abstracts to the GAAP banking abstracts is provided in the company’s antithesis absolution and presentation materials. Also, today’s alarm is actuality recorded.

And I would now like to about-face the alarm over to Mr. Casey. Amuse go ahead.

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Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thanks actual much. Acceptable morning, everyone. Acknowledge you for abutting us on the call. Afore we airing you through the presentation on our website, I’d like to allotment some thoughts on our business with you. It was a year ago this anniversary that we appear our 31st afterwards year of sales growth.

In 2019, we accomplished almanac levels of sales, antithesis per allotment and banknote flow. As you may anamnesis 2020 got off to a acceptable alpha for us with mid-single-digit advance in sales through February 2020 was forecasted to be addition acceptable year of sales and antithesis growth. By mid-March a all-around communicable and civic emergency had been declared and the lives of bodies throughout the apple were disrupted. In the months that followed we formed to accumulate our advisers and our abundance barter safe from the virus. We bargain spending, adjourned lower artefact costs and bigger liquidity. We decidedly bargain our acknowledgment to antithesis inventories acquired by acting abundance closures. And by abbreviating account commitments, we were able to bigger bulk adeptness and margins aftermost year.

When the communicable hit, we accelerated the beheading of new capabilities to abutment the same-day auto of eCommerce orders in our stores, curbside auto and the complete addition of eCommerce orders from our stores. We affianced accidentally with our broad customers, leveraged our investments in calendar artefact adumbration and anchored college bookings for our artefact offerings this year. We additionally affianced added acutely and finer with consumers through amusing media, architecture a basic association of families with adolescent children. During the pandemic, we added over 2 actor new eCommerce barter and with the abutment of our broad customers, the online sales of our brands exceeded $1 billion aftermost year. The communicable was a arduous acquaintance for all of us, but it additionally enabled us to acquisition new means to advance our business. We accept the foundation of our aggregation is now stronger because of the communicable and we are bigger positioned to acclimate approaching storms that may occur.

This morning, we’re advertisement about $1 billion in sales for the fourth division of 2020. It was the arch division of the year in agreement of sales and antithesis addition and the achievement was in band with what we had planned. We advertisement a almanac gross accumulation allowance in the fourth division enabled by a stronger artefact offering, bacteria inventories and added able marketing. As planned, spending grew in the quarter, apprenticed by investments in eCommerce, bigger staffing and assimilation in our administration centers and the fractional apology of advantage for all of our employees. Advantage was concise for several months beforehand in the year. With account to sales trends, the fourth division got off to a able alpha with October sales at 95% of above-mentioned year sales, constant with the actual able appeal we saw in September.

On a commensurable basis, normalizing a anniversary calendar about-face and excluding the 53rd week. November and December sales were 84% of above-mentioned year sales. Our best assay of the deceleration in appeal about to September and October reflects lower abundance cartage due to the advance of the virus branch into the final months of the year. Anamnesis that bloom admiral warned us all to break home and abstain traveling over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. And we’re angular on inventories branch into the holidays and beneath promotional than aftermost year. Sales trends bigger advisedly at the end of December and connected into January. We saw advance in January sales and are assured aboriginal division sales to be commensurable to aftermost year. March is accepted to be the bigger ages of sales and antithesis addition in the aboriginal bisected this year. March sales accept historically been apprenticed by Easter anniversary arcade and the accession of bounce like acclimate in added genitalia of the country. We’re assured actual acceptable advance in the aboriginal bisected of this year as we atone up adjoin acting abundance closures aftermost year. And for the year, we’re additionally assured acceptable advance in sales and advantage admitting the abiding furnishings of the pandemic.

Our Retail articulation was the bigger contributor to our fourth division sales and profitability. All of our U.S. food remained accessible for the division admitting we did abbreviate hours 13% based on lower traffic. COVID continues to accept a actual appulse on abundance traffic. Our bound and day-tripper food accept been best afflicted by the pandemic. Our bound and day-tripper food represent 10% of our U.S. food that contributed over 20% of the abatement in commensurable sales. This accomplished year, we saw a beneath all-embracing guests in our food and beneath arcade with us online. In part, we aspect the abatement in online appeal from all-embracing barter to a cogent abridgement in our promotions this accomplished year. Those who came into our food in the fourth division came to buy. Our abundance about-face bulk grew 5% in the quarter. The boilerplate transaction bulk grew 9%, apprenticed by college units per transaction and bigger bulk realization.

We ran abundant bacteria in abundance inventories in the fourth quarter, anamnesis that we concise abatement and winter account commitments aback the risks of the communicable became bright to us in March. With bacteria inventories, we focused our business beneath on promotions and added on the adorableness of our artefact offerings. In the fourth division 94% of our commensurable food were banknote breeze positive. Our basic food saw the bigger abatement in commensurable sales. 90% of our food are in amphitheater arcade centers and these food outperformed the chain.

As we aggregate with you aftermost year, we plan to abutting about 25% of our 2019 abundance portfolio aloft charter expiration. About 60% of those closures are planned this year, 80% of the closures are planned by the end of abutting year. These food collectively contributed over $140 actor in sales in 2020 with an EBITDA allowance of beneath than 3%. By comparison, the antithesis of our food had an EBITDA allowance of about 18%. Our focus is on beneath bigger college allowance food amid in added densely busy areas to accommodate a college akin of accessibility to in-store and online customers. Our abundance cease plan is accepted to be accretive to antithesis in 2021 and accommodate a $10 actor accumulative antithesis account by 2025.

ECommerce continues to be our fastest growing and accomplished allowance business. ECommerce assimilation grew to 45% of our retail sales, up from 38% in the third quarter. Increasingly, we are seeing barter adore the accessibility of acrimonious up their online purchases at our food amid afterpiece to their homes. Omni-channel sales grew to 24% of our eCommerce orders in the fourth quarter, up from 12% aftermost year. Aftermost year, we leveraged our food from Maine to Hawaii to address online purchases from over 600 stores. As a result, we advance the dispatch of carrying online purchases and advance the advantage of our eCommerce business. We apprehend the mix of omni-channel sales to abound to about 40% of online orders by 2025.

Our Broad articulation was the added bigger contributor to our fourth division sales and profitability. Collectively, we abide to see double-digit advance with our complete brands which were allowance accretive in the quarter. ECommerce sales of our brands through our broad barter grew over 30% in the fourth division and up over 50% for the year. Sales of our flagship Carter’s cast were lower in the fourth quarter, absorption our accommodation to abbreviate abatement and winter account commitments. Off-price sales were additionally lower in the quarter. The antithesis inventories created by acting abundance closures and accompanying cancellations due to the communicable were abundantly awash through our own food at college margins. Action forward, we will abide to use our own food to move through a college allotment of antithesis inventories rather than affairs to the off-price channel. Bounce affairs is off to a acceptable alpha with our broad customers. They too are bacteria on inventory, accept a lower mix of above-mentioned division appurtenances and are seeing bigger bulk adeptness and margins. We’re bulging actual acceptable advance in broad this year, abnormally in the aboriginal half, bold all food abide open.

Our All-embracing articulation contributed over 11% of our fourth division sales. Canada and Mexico contributed about 90% of our all-embracing sales. Our eCommerce sales in those markets grew over 60% in the fourth division and grew to 30% of our all-embracing retail sales from 18% aftermost year. Both businesses performed appreciably able-bodied admitting COVID-related abundance closures in the fourth quarter. In Canada and Mexico, abounding of our food were bankrupt in the weeks arch up to Christmas. Some of those closures connected through February. The backbone in our all-embracing broad sales was our Simple Joys cast awash alone through Amazon. That business about angled in the fourth division with Amazon’s amplification of our cast into Europe and Japan. Best arduous basic of our All-embracing articulation is with abate retailers, apery our brands in over 90 countries. Admitting alone small, collectively they contributed about 15% of our all-embracing sales in 2019 and were allowance accretive. Broad sales to these retailers were bottomward over 50% in the fourth quarter. Based on bookings from these broad customers, we’re bulging a acceptable accretion in this basic of our business this year.

Our accumulation chains did an accomplished job, acknowledging the connected dispatch in eCommerce appeal in the fourth quarter. The dispatch of carrying online purchases was advisedly bigger than aftermost year and we saw a accompanying advance in our chump achievement ratings. In 2020, we invested to ensure the assurance of our administration centermost employees, aloft their accomplishment to advance staffing and retention, and invested in technology to advance the dispatch of delivery. Our accumulation alternation aggregation additionally adjourned lower artefact costs for 2021, which may accredit us to added advance our gross accumulation allowance this year. In the fourth quarter, we began to see delays in the cancellation of articles from Asia. Our suppliers were active on boilerplate 10 canicule backward due to COVID-related challenges and precautions and busline delays. Aback the reopening of food aftermost summer, there’s been a billow of imports into the United States. As a result, there is an aberrant curtailment of burden containers in Asia, added dabbling the addition of our articles to the United States. Accustomed the alterity in the accumulation and appeal for burden containers, the bulk per alembic has risen decidedly in contempo months. This is a macro issue.

Our best advice suggests we’ll see delays and college busline ante for best of the aboriginal half. The billow in imports has additionally acquired bottleneck at the West Coast ports in California, abacus added time to the cancellation of goods. Our broad barter are challenged by the aforementioned delays. The backward arrivals of our balmy acclimate articles and there is affluence of balmy acclimate advanced of us. To date, we accept not accomplished any allusive adjustment cancellations, but that’s a college accident than accepted accustomed the aberrant delays in deliveries from Asia. Aback our aftermost alarm with you, we accept revisited the best appellation abeyant of our brands. By 2025, we apprehend sales to abound to about $3.7 billion with an amplification of our operating allowance to 13%. Our advance strategies are focused on arch in eCommerce, acceptable in baby, crumbling up our brands and accretion globally. Our Carter’s brands accept the bigger allotment of the eCommerce children’s accoutrement bazaar in the United States. In the fourth quarter, Carter’s online acquaintance was rated as one of the top user adventures amid the bigger U.S. and European eCommerce websites.

We additionally accept unparalleled relationships with the arch retailers of adolescent children’s apparel, including Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Macy’s. Carter’s is the cardinal one cast in babyish accoutrement with over 4 times this year of our abutting competitor. It’s been the acknowledged cast in adolescent children’s accoutrement for ancestors of consumers. It’s accessible that we may see beneath births near-term due to the pandemic. We’ve apparent births abatement about every year aback the Abundant Recession began in 2007. And aback 2007, our sales and antithesis accept added than doubled.

With the affiance of vaccines added broadly accessible this year, government bang allowance families with adolescent children, historically low absorption rates, able apartment bazaar and an convalescent economy, we appearance the accident of beneath births as a abeyant concise challenge, but not a best appellation obstacle to our growth. We accept the cardinal one bazaar allotment in the babyish and toddler accoutrement markets. The bigger advance in our sales afore the pandemic, both in allotment and complete dollars, was apprenticed by our artefact offerings focused on 10 — 5 to 10-year-old children. With the connected success of our age-up action and the reopening of schools this year, we apprehend that our age-up action will be a acceptable antecedent of advance for us in the years ahead. We plan to extend the adeptness of our brands globally and profitably. All-embracing sales contributed about 12% of our circumscribed sales in 2020 and are accepted to abound to 15% of sales by 2025.

Over the abutting bristles years, over 60% of our all-embracing sales advance is forecasted to be apprenticed by our multichannel operations in Canada and Mexico. Our brands are additionally awash through Amazon, Walmart and Costco on a all-around basis. We apprehend acceptable advance from these bunch retailers and added retailers who are extending the adeptness of our brands to families with adolescent accouchement throughout the world.

In summary, we adequate our business this accomplished year and we’re assured a acceptable multi-year accretion from the pandemic. We accept congenital a altered multi-brand multi-channel model, which we accept is able-bodied positioned to abound and accretion bazaar share. We’re committed to strengthen our business and accommodate acceptable allotment to our shareholders in the years ahead. I appetite to acknowledge all of our advisers throughout the apple who are alive to abutment their families and our aggregation through this communicable and for their charge to advice us accomplish our advance plans.

Richard will now airing you through the presentation on our website.

Richard Westenberger — Executive Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Thank you, Mike. Acceptable morning, everyone.

I’ll activate on Folio 2 with our GAAP assets account for the fourth quarter. Net sales in the division were $990 million, bottomward 10% from the above-mentioned year. This year’s budgetary year included a 53rd week, so the fourth division consisted of 14 weeks adjoin 13 weeks aftermost year. This added anniversary represented $32 actor in added net sales in 2020 and contributed almost $1 actor of operating income. Appear operating assets was $134 million, a abatement of 18% and appear EPS for the fourth division was $2.26, bottomward 20% compared to $2.82 a year ago.

On Folio 3 is our GAAP assets account for the abounding year. Obviously, sales and antithesis this accomplished year were advisedly afflicted by the all-around pandemic. Net sales for the year were aloof over $3 billion, a abatement of 14%. Appear operating assets was $190 million, bottomward about 50% and appear EPS for the year was $2.50, bottomward 57% from $5.85 in 2019.

Our fourth division and abounding year after-effects for both 2020 and 2019 independent aberrant items which are abbreviated on Folio 4. We’ve advised these items as non-GAAP adjustments to our appear after-effects to accredit greater allegory and to accommodate what we accept is a bright appearance into the basal achievement of the business. My animadversion today will allege to our after-effects on an adapted abject which excludes these aberrant items.

On Folio 5, we’ve abbreviated some highlights of the fourth quarter. It was a able accomplishment to what’s acutely been an active and arduous year. We met our expectations all-embracing for our banking achievement in the quarter. We saw acceptable connected drive in several important genitalia of our business. ECommerce commensurable sales were strong, up 16% in the U.S. and up 47% in Canada. Our abundance sales in the U.S. were stronger than we had forecasted in allotment due to a slight advance in the abundance cartage trend in December. A absolute banderole and disciplinarian of our fourth division achievement was gross margin, which broadcast decidedly over aftermost year; this was an dispatch over the gross allowance amplification which we accomplished in the third quarter.

Despite lower earnings, our banknote breeze was actual able in the year, absorption our alive basic initiatives implemented in acknowledgment to the pandemic. And our antithesis area and clamminess both were in abundant appearance at the end of the year.

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Turning to Folio 6 for a arbitrary of net sales for the fourth quarter; appear net sales beneath 10% to $990 million. On a commensurable 13-week basis, net sales beneath 13% year-over-year. I’ll awning our business articulation after-effects in some added detail in a moment. But as we had expected, sales were lower year-over-year beyond the business. Sales were abnormally afflicted absolutely by the advancing disruptions of the pandemic, but additionally in allotment due to some of our decisions beforehand in 2020 to abbreviate our abatement and account commitments. In contempo weeks, we accept additionally been added challenged by delays in the planned cancellation of inventory. This is an industrywide affair with abounding companies experiencing delays in the appointed accession of artefact from Asia. We’ve estimated that the appulse of backward accession artefact abnormally afflicted sales by about $30 actor in the fourth quarter.

Turning to Folio 7 and our adapted P&L for the fourth quarter; while sales were bottomward adjoin aftermost year, as I mentioned, the advantage of our sales added decidedly with our gross allowance accretion by 460 abject credibility to 47.1%. This represented almanac annual gross allowance performance. So admitting sales abbreviating over $100 million, gross accumulation dollars were almost commensurable with a year ago. This added gross allowance bulk was apprenticed by the backbone of our artefact offering, bigger bulk realization, which was a aftereffect of added able business and promotion, and our focus on account management, including acceptable advance in abbreviation antithesis inventory. Royalty assets beneath about $1 actor adjoin aftermost year, abundantly due to the timing of shipments of bounce melancholia appurtenances which confused from the fourth division aftermost year into aboriginal division 2021 and backward accession product.

Adjusted SG&A added 5% to $327 million. We partially adequate assertive advantage provisions, which had been abeyant beforehand in the year. So the fourth division reflected some aspect of bolt up for these expenses. Our advisers did abundant assignment this accomplished year managing through actual difficult circumstances. As we rationalized our promotional action in Q4, we reinvested some of those accumulation into marketing, accurately calendar media, which delivered acceptable returns. We additionally fabricated several investments to strengthen our eCommerce and omni-channel capabilities, including the barrage of a new adaptable app, acceptable our websites and connected advance in convalescent the dispatch and adeptness of our administration centermost which supports eCommerce. We accept these investments will strengthen our capabilities abiding and advice us as the business recovers from the pandemic.

Adjusted operating assets was $145 actor compared to $162 actor in the fourth division of 2019 and adapted operating allowance was 14.7%, commensurable to aftermost year. Beneath the line, net absorption bulk was $15 million, up from $9 actor in the above-mentioned aeon due to the $500 actor in new chief addendum we issued in the added quarter. We had a $2 actor adopted bill accretion in the fourth division and our able tax bulk was about 18%, bottomward from about 19% aftermost year. On the basal line, adapted EPS was $2.46, bottomward 12% compared to $2.81 in 2019.

Moving to Folio 8 with some antithesis area and banknote breeze highlights. Our antithesis area and clamminess remained actual strong. Absolute clamminess at the end of the fourth division was about $1.8 billion with $1.1 billion of banknote on duke and about all of the borrowing accommodation beneath our $750 actor acclaim adeptness accessible to us. Quarter-end net inventories were up 1% to $599 million. While abundantly commensurable to aftermost year in absolute of the agreement of our account was actual altered because of our decisions to proactively abbreviate account beforehand in the year, our account levels in our food and for the bulk Carter’s cast at broad were advisedly lower than a year ago.

Our complete cast inventories were about college at year-end. Absolute anniversary inventories were bottomward year-over-year aback because the account from summer 2020, which we backpack and authority beforehand in the year as the communicable unfolded. We fabricated acceptable advance affairs through this backpack and authority account during the year and apprehend to advertise the actual antithesis as we move through the aboriginal bisected of 2021. We additionally fabricated acceptable advance abbreviation our all-embracing akin of antithesis account during the fourth quarter. Our Q4 accounts receivable antithesis beneath 26% compared to the above-mentioned year, principally due to lower broad sales. Accounts payable added by $290 actor to $472 million, which reflects the addendum of acquittal agreement and hire deferrals. Abiding debt was about $1 billion, up from almost $600 actor at the end of aftermost year. This access reflects our acknowledged chief addendum arising this accomplished May and abounding claim of outstanding blaster borrowings in the third quarter.

Operating banknote breeze in 2020 added by about $200 actor to $590 million. Our able focus on alive basic and administration of spending enabled us to accomplish this almanac achievement admitting lower antithesis in 2020. Note that while we’re planning college antithesis in 2021, operating banknote breeze is accepted to be lower this year due to the claim of deferred hire and adjustments to some bell-ringer acquittal terms.

Moving to Folio 9 with a arbitrary of our adapted abounding year performance; while 2020 sales and antithesis were of advance advisedly afflicted by the pandemic, the aggregate of our able artefact offering, marketing, account administration and abundance initiatives enabled us to abbreviate the all-embracing accumulation appulse of lower sales. With appeal so ambiguous we fabricated the best aboriginal on in 2020 to focus added on advantage than on sales.

The capability of our initiatives is best axiomatic and attractive at the aberration in our achievement amid the aboriginal and added behindhand of the year, which we’ve abbreviated on Folio 10. Aboriginal bisected sales were decidedly afflicted aback our retail food were bankrupt for abundant of the added division and shipments to abounding of our broad barter were suspended, while their own food were closed. Gross allowance achievement was starkly altered amid the aboriginal and added half. In the aboriginal bisected our gross allowance beneath by 350 abject credibility in allotment due to demography college accoutrement for antithesis inventory.

In the added half, we accomplished almanac gross allowance as a aftereffect of convalescent our accomplished appraisement and authoritative acceptable advance on allowance through that antithesis inventory. Advantage followed this gross allowance achievement with a abundant abate abatement in adapted operating assets in the added bisected with an amplification of our adapted operating allowance adjoin a abatement in the aboriginal half.

Turning to Folio 12 with a arbitrary of our business articulation achievement in the fourth quarter. In the bigger allotment of our business, U.S. retail, we bigger advantage decidedly admitting the abatement in absolute sales apprenticed by bigger artefact allowance and acceptable advance in our aerial allowance eCommerce business. Advantage in U.S. broad and All-embracing beneath with sales lower it was added difficult to advantage costs in these businesses. The access in accumulated costs was abundantly due to the added accoutrement for advantage and to a bottom admeasurement some spending on alien consulting in the quarter.

Now, axis to Folio 13 with some detail on U.S. retail achievement in the fourth quarter. Absolute articulation sales beneath 6% compared to aftermost year. Absolute commensurable sales beneath 9%, absorption able eCommerce advance and lower abundance sales. Q4 cartage while bottomward advisedly adjoin a year ago came in advanced of our expectations and was bigger than the accoutrement industry criterion which we follow. The adapted operating allowance of our U.S. Retail articulation bigger by 280 abject credibility to 19.1%, apprenticed by college artefact margins as a aftereffect of bigger bulk realization, lower artefact costs and lower account provisions. These assets were partially account by investments to strengthen our eCommerce business and the timing of advantage provisions.

Moving to Folio 14 with an amend on our omni-channel initiatives; our investments in contempo years to body our omni-channel capabilities are acutely advantageous off. The adeptness to brace our arch eCommerce website with our civic arrangement of food is a able aggressive advantage. As apparent in the blueprint here, we saw able year-over-year advance in omni-channel appeal in the fourth quarter. We accept these capabilities accommodate a bigger acquaintance for our barter in agreement of convenience, adaptability and beneath bang to chump times. Our store-based accomplishment options additionally about accommodate bigger economics compared to acceptable accomplishment from our administration center.

Lastly, our ship-to-store and auto in-store options accept apprenticed cogent cartage to our food accounting for 1.7 actor abundance visits in 2020. About 25% of the time barter acrimonious up their online orders fabricated incremental purchases while in the store.

Moving to Folio 15 to some of our contempo marketing; fourth division apparent the accession of the aboriginal babies conceived during COVID. While 2020 absolutely provided its allotment of accent and abrogating news, there is no happier break than the accession of a new baby. With this spirit, we launched a new calendar cast attack alleged Hello Optimism and declared these new babies to be allotment of bearing optimism. Attack featured absolute families and their babies built-in in 2020. Attack has generated an overwhelmingly complete response, which accumulating assets in cast awareness, cast favorability and approaching acquirement absorbed with customers, while introducing Carter’s the cardinal one best trusted babyish cast to a new admirers of parents.

On Folio 16 we connected to innovate in our business in the fourth division and angular into emotionally apprenticed calendar adventures for families such as our basic visits with Santa and basic PJ parties with Leslie Odom Jr., the brilliant of Hamilton. These millennial parents accept responded able-bodied to these calendar offers. As Mike said, we added 1 actor new online barter in 2020. These brand’s storytelling and chump assurance efforts resulted in a almanac 8 billion media impressions beyond the year, a cogent access over 2019. Overall, Carter’s continues to adore the accomplished akin of assurance on amusing media amid all the added aloft players in the adolescent children’s accoutrement market.

Turning to Folio 17; we abide our efforts to aggrandize the adeptness of our brands to added assorted consumers, which reflects our company’s broader focus on array and inclusion. To bless the admirable legacies of historically atramentous colleges and universities and to affect the abutting generation, we afresh launched an HBCU accoutrement accumulating partnering with a alternation of HBCU alumni influencers. We additionally partnered with Sisters Uptown Bookstore in New York City on a Atramentous History Ages account series, highlighting actual atramentous abstracts and their notable contributions to our country and society.

Moving to Folio 18 and with a epitomize of the U.S. broad after-effects for the fourth quarter; net sales were $290 actor compared to $349 actor a year ago. Admitting backward accession product, we’ve abundantly accomplished our sales anticipation in broad for the quarter. Sales of the Carter’s cast and sales in the off-price approach were anniversary bottomward about 40%, tracking with our bargain account positions in these genitalia of the business. We are planning for acceptable advance of sales in the bulk Carter’s cast in 2021. With attention to the off-price approach sales, we fabricated abundant greater use of our own retail food in the accomplished year to bright antithesis account at college accretion ante than we’ve historically accomplished in the off-price channel. Online appeal for our brands through our broad barter was able in the fourth division with advance of 36% over the above-mentioned year. U.S. broad adapted articulation assets was $54 actor in the fourth division compared to $67 actor a year ago.

Adjusted articulation allowance beneath 60 abject points, absorption college advantage and business costs that were account in allotment by lower inventory-related accuse and lower bad debt expense.

On Folio 19, we’ve included a photo from Kohl’s, which is one of our bigger and longest tenured broad customers. Our Carter’s babyish shops at Kohl’s abide to accommodate a aggressive advantage, which elevates the attendance of our cast and the chump arcade experience. Our Little Babyish Basics array accumulating able sales increases all division as barter abounding up on these must-have basics. This artefact is apparent actuality in the advanced isle of this Carter’s shop.

On Pages 20 through 22, we’ve included a few slides that highlight our complete brands which are accessible at Target, Walmart and on Amazon. These brands had a agitating 2020 and that drive connected into the fourth division area collectively sales of the complete brands added 13% over 2019.

On Folio 20, we formed with Ambition to actualize a adapted presentation of Valentine’s Day artefact as one way to advice consumers attractive for a babyish way to bless during this time. Celebrating adapted holidays is an important focus of the Aloof One You cast with admirable artefact and astute cast presentation year round.

On Folio 21, we’ve depicted some of the admirable Adolescent of Abundance artefact agitated at Walmart. We’ve apparent a cogent — we’ve apparent cogent advance of the Adolescent of Abundance cast online with Walmart over the accomplished year. We partnered with Walmart in the use of our photography and cast assets to ensure a astute presentation of the Adolescent of Abundance cast on the Walmart website.

On the abutting page, Simple Joys on Amazon continues to be a acceptable antecedent of advance for us. In 2020, we broadcast our artefact alms in key categories and added incremental categories such as outerwear, accoutrement and beddy-bye bags. Pictured actuality is our latest cast abundance featuring a ambit of products, including our 2-Way Zip Beddy-bye & Comedy swimwear and comedy abrasion for newborns to toddlers.

Moving to Folio 23 and our fourth division after-effects for our All-embracing segment; all-embracing net sales beneath 13% to $114 million. We saw cogent disruption in our Canadian and Mexico food in the fourth division as abounding food were bankrupt due to the communicable in these markets. Online appeal in Canada was actual able with eCommerce comps up about 50%. As Mike mentioned, the disruption in our all-embracing ally business connected in the fourth quarter, but we’re planning for a backlash in this allotment of our business in 2021. All-embracing adapted operating allowance was 13.3% compared to 16.2% a year ago. This abatement reflects deleverage of abundance costs due to lower abundance sales, eCommerce investments, and the catch-up advantage provisions, account by lower account costs.

On the abutting few pages, alpha on Folio 25, we’ve abbreviated some of our thoughts on our cardinal accession in the industry and the advance we’re targeting over the abutting few years. We accept the aggregation has a cardinal of cardinal advantages in the marketplace. You’ve heard us allege about abounding of these over the years. Our cast portfolio contains the best accustomed and trusted brands in which assorted ancestors accept clothed their children. We are altered in our multi-channel business archetypal that broadly distributes our brands, including through a growing and active direct-to-consumer business. We’ve had a connected almanac of able operating achievement and returns, including cogent banknote generation.

On Folio 26, we’ve abbreviated our mission and vision. Clearly, our cold is to abide to advance the exchange with adapted accent on the cardinal pillars listed here, arch in eCommerce, continuing to win in baby, aging-up and accretion globally. We’ve afresh active our multi-year banking forecast. It is difficult to adumbrate the approaching adapted now with a lot of precision, but we accept acceptable advance is accessible over the abutting several years. We accept we can accomplish mid-single-digit advance all-embracing in net sales comprised of low single-digit advance in U.S. retail, mid-single-digit advance in U.S. broad and aerial single-digit advance in our All-embracing segment.

We accept advantage can abound faster than sales as we abide to accompany our transformation and abundance agenda. So our ambition for operating assets is in the low double-digit advance range. We accept our advancing cogent banknote bearing provides us an befalling to augment operating assets advance through debt pay bottomward and the resumption of allotment repurchases and thereby ambition EPS advance in the mid-teens. Our forecasts indicates we will accomplish abundant banknote in the advancing years, which provides us cogent adaptability to reinvest in the business and accompany alternatives, which includes evaluating M&A opportunities area appropriate, advantageous bottomward debt and abiding basic to shareholders.

On Folio 27, there are a cardinal of elements which we accept will accord to our planned advance in sales and antithesis over the advancing years. We’ve abbreviated some of these actuality for you. I won’t apprehend this list, but the acceptable account is the cardinal of factors listed. We accept assorted allusive means to drive advance in our business.

Turning to Folio 29 and our angle for 2021; while there charcoal cogent ambiguity apropos the advancing appulse of COVID-19, we accept we will accept acceptable advance in both sales and antithesis in 2021. We’re assured all of our business segments will bear advance in net sales with our circumscribed net sales growing about 5%. We’re planning for acceptable advance in operating assets and operating allowance amplification in 2021. Adapted EPS is accepted to abound about 10%, a bit beneath than what we are planning for operating assets advance because of the college absorption costs from the chief addendum we issued aftermost year and an acceptance of a college tax bulk with added of our assets accepted to be generated in the United States this year adjoin overseas.

We apprehend the aboriginal bisected of the year will be the added allusive aeon of sales and antithesis advance for a cardinal of reasons, including the allegory to the aboriginal bisected of aftermost year with the antecedent communicable disruptions as able-bodied as assorted timing differences amid the years and broad shipments and spending. We won’t bout 2020’s almanac year of banknote bearing as we accord deferred hire and accept added changes in alive capital. We’d apprehend 2022 to be a added accustomed year of cogent operating and chargeless banknote breeze generation. We’re alert and bourgeois in our planning assumptions accustomed the connected ambiguity which exists, this aspect has served us able-bodied overtime. In agreement of the aboriginal quarter, we apprehend sales will be commensurable to aftermost year.

We do apprehend aboriginal division advantage will access decidedly with operating assets in the adjacency of $30 actor and adapted EPS of about $0.25 compared to losses a year ago. In agreement of key risks, we abide to adviser the cachet of afterwards accession artefact beyond our assorted channels and the abeyant appulse these delays may accept on the sales of bounce product. Also, we’re seeing an advancing accretion of busline costs in the marketplace, which may aftereffect in added bulk aloft what we accept planned in this year.

With these animadversion we’re accessible to booty your questions.


Thank you. [Operator Instructions] We will now booty our aboriginal catechism from Paul [Phonetic].

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Hi, acceptable morning.


I do apologize we accept Ike Boruchow of Wells Fargo. Amuse go ahead.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Ike, acceptable morning.

Ike Boruchow — Wells Fargo — Analyst

Hey, Mike. How are you?

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Ike Boruchow — Wells Fargo — Analyst

I assumption I’ll ask two, one for Mike, one for Richard. Aloof Mike, there been lots of media and beat about the bearing rate. I beggarly I absolutely acknowledge what your comments are about you’ve developed your business admitting a headwind on the bearing bulk the aftermost several years, but it aloof seems like there is a abundant added arresting abatement in the bearing rate. Can you aloof affectionate of allocution about maybe how that ability appulse your business, not best term, of course, but maybe over the abutting 12-plus months? Accept you apparent annihilation in your aught to two class the affectionate of accompanying to that? And afresh Richard, is it accessible to aloof dig in a little bit added on the Q1 acquirement guidance. I mean, is it wholesale, is it retail, is it eCommerce normalizing? It’s aloof — I’m accepting a little agitation aggravating to see why your acquirement wouldn’t be a little bit bigger in the aboriginal quarter. Any advice would be great.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Sure, sure. So Ike with account to the births, we accept not to date apparent any allusive change in the achievement of our babyish business. Accumulate mine, a actual aerial allotment of our business with Walmart, Amazon and Ambition is focused on babyish and that’s been the backbone of our business this accomplished year. Online appeal for our babyish accoutrement has been terrific. That said, the absorbed is up on this. There is, over the years, over abounding years we’ve apparent a alternation amid backbone to the abridgement and appulse on bearing ante and we’ve all accepted bodies in our — in this accomplished year in our ancestors or accompany accept delayed marriages and aback you adjournment marriages added generally than not you’re delayed dabbling starting a family; so we’re befitting it eye on. Best advice we accept is as there ability be 300,000 to 500,000 beneath accouchement built-in in the United States this year. It’s not action to appear on January 1, but at some point during the advance of this year, we may see beneath births and our best assay would advance about a ancestors will absorb some allocation of about $700 on a bairn adolescent in that aboriginal year. So, $700 per adolescent on that ambit of 300,000 to 500,000 beneath births, it’s a abeyant acknowledgment for the bazaar of some allocation of $200 actor to $350 million. We own a third of the bairn market, say that aught to 10-year-old child. We own a third of that market. So, for us, it’s some allocation of $70 actor to $100 actor acquirement exposure. Afresh if that all happened on January 1st, which it won’t.

And so anyways, we’re action to accumulate an eye on it. With every annual call, we’ll amend you on what we’re seeing. But to date we haven’t apparent any allusive change in the achievement of our babyish artefact because of that exposure. I absolutely say Little Babyish Basics, which is the bulk of our Carter’s brand. Decidedly in the babyish space, there is annihilation added admirable in the bazaar that our Little Babyish Basics. I would say that’s apparently the best achievement we’ve had this accomplished year and apparently three or added years. So that — so we’ll let amend you as we go through the year. And we are alert that is an acknowledgment that’s been taken into application in the advice that Richard’s administration with you this morning and we’ll see what impact, if any, it has on us in the antithesis of the year. Richard?

Richard Westenberger — Executive Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Yeah. Ike I would say on aboriginal division revenue, I would say our ambitions had been college until afresh and it’s absolutely the aftereffect of these artefact delays that accept acquired us to be a bit added modest. We are planning, I would say for some slight advance in broad and in our U.S. retail business. Food are planned bottomward in the U.S. and eCommerce is planned up in the aboriginal quarter. And adapted now we accept all-embracing plan down. We still accept cogent abundance closures in Canada. We still accept some food bankrupt in Mexico. So those are affectionate of the architecture blocks. A lot will accept to do if we alpha to see a bigger trend on the accession of artefact afresh conceivably we could accept some added shipments go decidedly in wholesale. But adapted now, we’re actuality bourgeois on that.

Ike Boruchow — Wells Fargo — Analyst

Thanks, guys. Actual helpful.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

You’re welcome, Ike.


Thank you. [Operator Instructions] We will now booty our abutting catechism from Paul Lejuez of Citi. Amuse go ahead.

Kelly Crago — Citigroup — Analyst

Hi, guys. This is Kelly Crago on for Paul.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Good morning, Kelly.

Kelly Crago — Citigroup — Analyst

Good morning. A catechism on your affected sales alteration on your bankrupt stores. Cardinal one, area do you anticipate that that — those sales will go? Is it added Carter’s stores, is it online, is it to your broad accounts and what accept you apparent in the past? And afresh aloof the added catechism is about the aggressive landscape, how is the bartering ambiance attractive this spring?

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. So a brace of things, Kelly. I anticipate in agreement of abundance transfer, we’ve accomplished that alteration in the low 20s, 20% to 25% transfer. We’ve got acceptable abstracts on that. And that’s alteration aural our retail channel. So our food and our online business and we’ve apparent in both. We do a acceptable job business to those barter and authoritative abiding they apperceive the abutting abutting abundance and of advance active our online business. So I’d say we plan apparently 25% alteration bulk on that and that’s in the complete approach space. In agreement of promotional ambiance we’ve been beneath promotional. We absolved aback in able promotions. We absolutely focused on our adherence affairs and our Carter’s acclaim agenda and I anticipate the business aggregation has done a absolutely acceptable job of accretion the cast and affecting agreeable in all of our chump business action from advance to affect and absolutely absorption on emotion. So we feel acceptable about that. I anticipate if you attending aback in Q4, I would say that at atomic the association that we advertise to that the wholesalers were beneath promotional. Inventories are low in the channel. Everybody we advertise to absolutely wants added account adapted now. So I anticipate association are accomplishing a acceptable job managing their business, accepting bulk realization, college margins as we’ve all argent bound and bourgeois accustomed the uncertainties.

Richard Westenberger — Executive Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

And Kelly, one affair I would aloof allotment with you on these abundance closures. About all of these abundance closures are actuality done aloft charter analysis because we’ve been in these centers for 10 years. We’ve been afterward the cartage patterns. And increasingly, we’re allegory to what admeasurement our abutment — our food abutment eCommerce customers. So we’re attractive at these omni-channel sales. What allotment of our barter are opting to auto their online purchases the aforementioned day at a abundance amid afterpiece to their homes. So afterwards 10 years in the centermost aback the charter comes up for renewal, increasingly, we’re adage accept there are bigger opportunities accessible to us in adjoining market. So essentially all of these closures are at the end of a 10-year lease, and we’re aloof opting to avenue as adjoin to reinvest into a centermost area the co-tenancy has changed, the cartage patterns accept afflicted and so — and we see bigger opportunities to accessible in adjoining markets.

Kelly Crago — Citigroup — Analyst

Got it, thanks. And aloof to bound chase up on Ike’s catechism about the sales assumptions in 1Q. I guess, how — why would sales be collapsed in 1Q with March actuality the easiest comparison? I anticipate you mentioned that sales were complete in January. I’m not abiding what you said about February, but aloof is that is accompanying to the accumulation alternation disruptions is there any way to quantify that and how connected you anticipate that will continue? Thanks.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

March is a cogent ages Kelly. So we about attending advanced to March. It’s bigger than January and February combined. I would say the artefact adjournment disruptions accept been astute in wholesale. And as we get afterpiece to the ages of March, I anticipate some issues accept emerged in retail. We’re aloof a bit added alert about what may be on hand, decidedly in the stores. We’re apparently in a bit bigger appearance to do the business online at this point.

Kelly Crago — Citigroup — Analyst

Got it. Acknowledge you.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

You’re welcome.


Thank you. We will now booty our abutting catechism from Susan Anderson of B. Riley. Amuse go ahead.

Susan Anderson — B. Riley — Analyst

Hi, acceptable morning. I guess, aloof attractive at gross allowance and SG&A for aboriginal quarter, can you maybe aloof — it sounds like you apprehend gross allowance to be up. I’m curious, how abundant the accumulation alternation issues is action to account some burden there if at all? And afresh additionally on the SG&A, are you still assured that to be pressured in aboriginal division like fourth quarter? Thanks.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

I’d say on SG&A, we are assured SG&A to be up slightly. It won’t be up at the aforementioned akin as we saw in the fourth quarter. We are continuing to accomplish our investments. You do have, I’d say, a added accustomed arrangement of accruing costs beyond the year, area we were suspending things aftermost year aloof accustomed as the communicable started to become axiomatic we started to about-face things off. So, I anticipate you’ll see a added archetypal accretion of costs including for things like performance-based compensation. Gross margin, we are planning for, I’d say, nice amplification gross allowance in the aboriginal quarter. Anamnesis aftermost year in the aboriginal quarter, we took abundant accuse for antithesis account and aloof the actuality that we’re not — that we’re comparing adjoin those charges, I anticipate will advice gross margin. We’re additionally assured that we’ll abide to accomplish advance on pricing. We’re additionally action to accept progress, we believe, on artefact costs. So this should all be allowances to the gross margin.

Susan Anderson — B. Riley — Analyst

Okay, great. That’s helpful. And then, if I could aloof add a chase up. Aloof attractive at the five-year top band and EBIT goals that you laid out, I anticipate that gets you maybe aloof accomplishing a quick algebraic to a low-teens EBIT, and I anticipate historically you had consistently talked about a 14%. So aloof curious, if anything’s afflicted there that changes that ambition best appellation such as a mix about-face to some of these added channels. Thanks.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Sure. The best angle would advance our latest models are focused on a 13% operating margin. We’ll accept a college mix of eCommerce sales, which is our accomplished allowance business. We will accept a lower mix of lower allowance food and we apprehend to accomplish connected advance on bulk adeptness through a stronger artefact offering, added able marketing, account management. So we’ve got some acceptable initiatives. So, yeah, this is — we’re aggravating to be alert accustomed the things we don’t apperceive this year, but the trend in our business both in sales and advantage is up.

Susan Anderson — B. Riley — Analyst

Great. Okay, that sounds good. Acknowledgment so much. Acceptable luck this year.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thanks, Susan.


Thank you. We will now booty our abutting catechism of Jay Sole from UBS. Amuse go ahead.

Jay Sole — UBS — Analyst

Great. Acknowledge you so much. Maybe, Richard, aloof apprehensive if you can busy a little bit on the abounding year guidance. Aloof accustomed the 1Q this year should be appealing able-bodied aloft point you aftermost year and 2Q apparently should be the agnate adventure because the compares are acutely actual easy. The abounding year adviser array of implies that the aback bisected of the year will be decidedly beneath 2020. Aloof apprehensive array of what are the components, you mentioned the bearing rate, Mike mentioned the bearing rate, what are some added factors that are array of adumbrated in that aback bisected advice for this year?

Richard Westenberger — Executive Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Well, I don’t anticipate we were specific on aback bisected advice aboriginal of all, Jay, and that was a bit intentional. We’re so aboriginal in the year and there is still so abundant uncertainty, but I anticipate we accept to accommodate for some degrees of abandon actuality that the year may comedy out a bit abnormally than we accept it planned. I anticipate absolutely the aboriginal half, as we said in the animadversion this morning, is accepted to be the bigger antecedent of acquirement and antithesis growth. And that does clue actual anon to the disruption a year ago aback the food were closed. We’re up adjoin cogent eCommerce comps actuality in the aboriginal half. I would say it was a bit afterwards in the year admitting aback we started to accomplish some of the added axiological changes to our promotional strategy. So you saw the big gross allowance assets that we accomplished in the added bisected of the year. So from a authentic allegory point of view, we’re absolutely acquisitive that the food are action to be accessible all year that would be a benefit.

We’re acquisitive that broad rebounds absolutely in aboriginal bisected and some of that would accumulate to added half. There are a lot of timing differences, but I anticipate we’re action to accept to point out as we move through the year. 2020 was an aberrant year in agreement of things advancing and action in the P&L and I anticipate ’21 is action to be a bit of a mirror of that. So it’s a boxy year to plan. There are action to be differences in timing for instance of broad shipments. Little Babyish Basics, for instance, which is a cogent barrage for us at wholesale, was a added bisected accident aftermost year and that will — if it gain on its added accustomed timing will be added of a aboriginal bisected activity. So there’s action to be lots of puts and takes amid the periods and we’ll do our best to lay that out for you. But I wouldn’t say that we’re necessarily bleak about the added bisected and I anticipate we’re action to accept abundant bigger band of afterimage actuality as the months unfold.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. Abatement deliveries too were pushed to the adapted because food started reopening in June and usually we’re aircraft abatement deliveries alpha in May and abatement is the bigger allotment of our year and some of those deliveries will activate in the aboriginal bisected this year adjoin added bisected aftermost year.

Richard Westenberger — Executive Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

One affair I would add, Jay, aloof would be that our appear abundance closures do affect the added bisected as it relates to planned revenue. So there are 100 some food that we’re closing. Best of those abundance closings are abounding against the aboriginal half. So those food will be out of the abject for second.

Jay Sole — UBS — Analyst

Got it, understood. That’s helpful. And maybe one added catechism from me, aloof on the aerial single-digit all-embracing advance anticipation over the long-term. Aural abiding guidance, you mentioned Canada, Mexico and Amazon growing internationally. Can you maybe accord us some abstraction of what that Amazon allotment ability beggarly to that and what about China at this point? Is there any amend on array of the advance to displace that market?

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yeah. So, we’re assured the Internet — actual acceptable advance in international. I would say 60% of that advance will be apprenticed by Canada and Mexico. Those businesses performed acutely able-bodied aftermost year decidedly in the fourth division admitting a lot of abundance closures. About 30% of the advance in all-embracing appear from broad including Amazon, the added bunch retailers and these partners. We accept got bookings for the added bisected of this year from those abate retailers throughout the world. It has historically been a actual acceptable allowance broad business for us; so 30% from broad in the antithesis from Skip Hop International. The Amazon business, we’re assured actual acceptable growth. That business is off to a actual acceptable start. We’ve had a accomplice in Europe for years — an online accomplice in Europe for years and I would say the advance has been OK. It hasn’t been significant. In the abbreviate bulk of time we’ve been accomplishing business with Amazon and their barrage of Simple Joys into Europe, the achievement with Amazon has far surpassed than added accomplice that we’ve had for bigger allotment of the aftermost bristles or added years. So, we’re assured actual acceptable advance with Amazon in all-embracing over the abutting bristles years.

Jay Sole — UBS — Analyst

Got it. Acknowledge you, Mike.


Thank you. There are no added questions at this time. I would like to about-face the appointment aback over to Mr. Casey for any added or closing remarks. Acknowledge you.

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Okay. So we acknowledge you all actual abundant for abutting this — abutting us this morning. We’re action to amend you afresh in about eight weeks. So by that time, we’ll accept March abaft us. It’s the bigger ages that we accept in the aboriginal bisected of the year and we’ll accept a acceptable faculty for aloof how the year is accepting beneath way and how we’re advantageous some of these busline delays from Asia. So, we attending advanced to amend you afresh in April. Until then, goodbye, everybody. Booty care, break safe. Bye-bye.

Duration: 50 minutes

Michael Casey — Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Richard Westenberger — Executive Vice President & Chief Banking Officer

Ike Boruchow — Wells Fargo — Analyst

Kelly Crago — Citigroup — Analyst

Susan Anderson — B. Riley — Analyst

Jay Sole — UBS — Analyst

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